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Home Cleaning Devices

While some may dismiss the concept of a smart home, it is now a reality owing to several forward-thinking companies throughout the world. Thanks to these futuristic companies, today’s dream of smart homes has turned into reality for many. 

The year 2023 has served as a major shift in home cleaning devices and with the progression of technology, now it’s possible to do everything with a remote, whether it’s about mopping your floor or keeping your carpet clean from crumbs and dust. 

If you also are looking to add a techy touch to your home, there is no shortage of smart gadgets that you can pick up to modernize your humble home. Dozens of tech manufacturers are doing their best to provide their users with the best experience.

But, so far no one has done this better than yeedi. Yeedi brand is envisioned to help their customers in solving daily life problems and making every little bit easy with gadgets. We have selected three of their devices which have performed excellently in 2022 and are entirely worthy of mention and applause. So, let’s get you started and know what these devices have for you. 

Yeedi Robot Vacuum and Mop 

If walking in a clean room is all that you want, then say ‘yes,’ this device is for you. Clean floors and carpets can welcome the feeling in a room, house, or even corridors. Yeedi vac robot vacuum becomes reality an unstoppable cleaning giant when it comes to sucking up debris, crumbs, and dust. Its users have weighed in the favor of this device due to its 3000Pa suction power. 

Just to make the cleaning even more satisfying it comes with a side brush and floating rolling brush, that further help the device in swapping and sucking up even a grim layer of floor dust. It rolls smoothly over every service and can sneak into every corner to take the dust out of your house. 

Its amazing 3D obstacle detection system detects even the smallest obstacles like carpets and the tricky obstacles like stayers. Its 3D detection system not only helps scrub the floor but also turns a dirty, crumb-flooded carpet into a pristine one. 

If you think that’s it, wait till you know the real features of the device. Let’s take a brief look at some of its features.

Mapping & Navigation

This yeedi robot vacuum uses smart visual mapping and navigation to trace your space like a GPS. The navigation is what drives it to give your clean rows without missing any spots. 

Easily Chargeable 

With full charge power it can run up to 1oo mins and all thanks to the yeedi’s advanced technology, it can auto-recharge itself and clean the room right where it left off. 

2-in-1 Robot 

Usually, you have to buy two different devices for mopping and cleaning the floor, but not with yeedi. It provides you with both of the devices in one so that you don’t have to put in any additional cost making smart home cleaning affordable for everyone. 


The next thing that as a consumer you will like about this device is its cost. If you buy it on Amazon, you can get up to 240 off and if you shop now, you can save up to 100 dollars. 

– Yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum And Mop

Let’s continue this list with another ubiquitous smart home cleaning device, the yeedi vac station robot vacuum and mop. The device is unique in itself, so you are not going to find any handful of alternatives for this that can provide you with the quality it does. Also, if you want to get rid of the hand home cleaning and emptying the dustbin, this 3-in-1 hero is here to save you. 

Yeedi Vac station robot vacuum and mop can make you tick all the boxes in the list of ideal home cleaning devices. The bag has a 2.5l capacity and sealing construction making it the perfect device for families with kids and pets. 

The device is a multi-tasker that vacuums and mops at the same time with 3000 Pa strong suction powers and its smart mopping system. It can leave your floor twice clean with a single use. Also, it comes under a way more affordable price range. On Amazon, you can get this for under $349.98. If its price is not enough to impress you, here are its features. 

True Automatic Cleaning 

It is a self-sufficient device as it comes with self-emptying stations. So no need to worry about the cleaning anymore. It can provide you with up to 30 days of hands-free cleaning. 

Auto Rechargeable 

Yeedi’s embedded technology and advanced features allow this device to go to auto recharge mode once its battery is drained. After that, it can resume cleaning from where it left off. 

Ultrasonic Carpet Sensor

The device can get along with your carpet like no other device. Its ultrasonic technology smartly identifies your floor type and incorporates the best cleaning method. Also, its intelligent system does not leave the carpet wet as it will crank up the suction power avoiding mopping on the carpet. 

Clean The Corners With GPS Power

Its visual mapping technology works seamlessly with the advanced floor tracking sensor to map out your pace like a GPS. This means no more haphazard bumping or missing spots.

– Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Upgraded Robot Vacuum And Mop

Like the other systems, Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Robot Vacuum And Mop can scrub even the stubborn stains of hard floors easily. As it passes over the area, this mopping unit oscillates to scrub the hard flooring. It is one of its kind systems from yeedi. It’s available online on Amazon and you can buy its high features at the price of $299.9. Just like yeedi’s previous models, it uses the 3000 Pa suction power to pick up even the hidden dust with ease. 

Further, it comes with 3D obstacle avoidance technology that can intelligently sense the space even the narrow space between your sofas or under the furniture. If you want to have ease in your cleaning it’s a high-tech robot that barely gets stuck and comes with some high features. That’s not it, it has a long long list of useful features that can make your life easy. 

5X Faster Than Hand Cleaning 

Taking its inspiration from the hand-mopping motion, it perfects the mopping functions. Its unique oscillating system allows it to move back and forth with a 5X faster speed to deliver excellent stain removal. 

Compatible With Yeedi Self-Empty Station

Although it’s an optional accessory, if you want to enjoy the free hand home cleaning, you can buy it with yeedi self empty station. Yeedi holds 30 days of dirt in a 2.5L dust bag with a closing construction.

3D Obstacle Identification

Yeedi automatically detects objects (children’s toys and shoes ) in its path and takes the action in time to dodge them, because of its 3D obstacle avoidance technology. 

– Yeedi Mop Station Pro Robot Vacuum And Mop

Wishing for a robot with a built-in mop washing machine? Then, search no more because yeedi mop station pro robot vacuum and mop. It just is not tagged pro, but it’s actually pro when it comes to mopping the floor. Setting it apart from the other cleaning robots that mop by spraying water onto the floor leaving the wet trucks behind, this yeedi robot has the two mopping pads pressed against the floor by a 10N force. Thes pads spin 18or/min to loosen and wipe off stubborn stains. 

So now stop growing on dirty mopping pads causing cross-contamination. It’s self-sufficient system learns the mopping pads every 

It’s a perfect floor-cleaning robot combo with a built-in mop-washing machine. Stop frowning on dirty mopping pads and clean the mopping pads every 10 minutes to keep them clean and fresh. So, you will have to do nothing, but wait for it to clean your floor like a moping pro. You have to put in literally no effort. For this hassle-free and hand-free cleaning you only have to make your purchase under $559.99. However, if you need more reason, here are the prominent features that you will pay for- 

Generous Water Consumption

Its 3.5L water tank stores clean and wastes separately. Not only does this feature help the mopping pads to stay clean and moist, but also lets them cover the space with less water replenishment. 

An All In One Cleaner

It eliminates the need for you to buy another robot vacuum. It works both as a vacuum and mop. For vacuuming, it uses the 3000Pa powerful suction that does not leave any dirt and grime behind. 

Wrapping Up!

Yeedi is a well-known company for its customer-centric approach and for designing gadgets to meet the daily needs of a person. Overall it is an amazing brand that offers you high-end technology home devices. This was four of the range of its amazing devices. For you, here we tried to bring up all the features, so now we hope you have enjoyed this guide. And thanks for reading. 

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