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Here is the List of Best SharePoint Consultants WorldWide

Are you looking for any SharePoint Consulting Companies for your business? Are you hunting for the best SharePoint Consultants?

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Best sharepoint consultant

Are you looking for any SharePoint Consulting Companies for your business? Are you hunting for the best SharePoint Consultants? —Then, you are in the right place. 

 SharePoint development includes creating custom apps and solutions for SharePoint as well as individual elements like site templates and processes. It is a cloud-based service that helps the organization to empower teamwork, provide seamless collaboration, and help to find information quickly. The business needs such agile solutions across the organization to enhance rich collaboration, connectivity, and productivity among the people inside and outside of the organization. 

Today in this blog, we will discuss the best SharePoint Consultants in 2022; we’ll define what is SharePoint development, deliver the information about the top 20 SharePoint development company and provide you with some exceptional uses of SharePoint in conclusion. 

Let’s get started!

What is SharePoint Development?

Keeping employees connected no matter where they are in the new normal; teamwork isn’t about where you are, it’s about being connected, and with the development of SharePoint across your organization, you’ll see how to create, store, and share content on the web wherever you are. SharePoint allows you to build intranet sites and create pages, document libraries, and lists to share information across the company. 

Additionally, SharePoint adds web parts like text, images, and documents to format and customize your content. Showcase important news, visuals, and updates in a modern layout with communication sites or connect all the right people for a project with the team sites.

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Top 20 SharePoint Intranet Consultants

If you are searching for the best SharePoint Development Companies, then here are 20 SharePoint consultant companies that can help you integrate SharePoint intranet solutions across your organization seamlessly.  

Comprehensive SharePoint software development companies list:

  1. Bitscape
  2. Beyond Intranet
  3. Hingepoint
  4. EPC Group 
  5. IncWORX Consulting 
  6. Sciencesoft 
  7. innovative architects
  8. Codecreators
  9. i3solutions
  10. Iflexion 
  11. Star-knowledge
  12. Aufait Technologies
  13. Zelitesolutions
  14. Sharepointmaven
  15. Chorus
  16. Abel solutions
  17. Simplesharepoint
  18. Ranosys
  19. Alrafayglobal
  20. Bluebox Solution

1. Bitscape – SharePoint intranet consultants 

The renowned 20 years experienced, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner bitscape is known for the IT consulting arena, the most reputed and prominent SharePoint consulting company. Bitscape has gained the trust of its customers by providing them with value-added solutions to their IT problems.  

Additionally, bitscape’s SharePoint Consulting services practice is among the best in the USA, Canada, and India because trained SharePoint Consulting Service and SharePoint Analysts work tirelessly every day to maximize every dollar the customer spends to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Bitscape provides many different Microsoft SharePoint services like SharePoint Online Development, Microsoft SharePoint Syntex, SharePoint Migration, SharePoint Office 365, SharePoint Office 365 Migration, and SharePoint Framework Solutions.  

Industry-specific SharePoint projects that bitscape worked on, including those in the pharmaceutical and health care, dairy, real estate, education, financial services, retail, transportation and logistics, power, energy, and utility sectors, among many others.

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2. Beyond Intranet – Microsoft SharePoint Development Services

Established in 2005, beyond Intranet was founded to ensure clients get the most out of Microsoft technologies, such as SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform. Beyond Key established Beyond Intranet as its strategic division (Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate).

Beyond Intranet provides many out-of-box SharePoint intranet services, like document and content management platforms, storage, customization, and search capabilities. 

A team of Microsoft Certified SharePoint Professionals with more than 15 years of experience in developing, managing, and delivering some of the highest-rated SharePoint Add-ins, Intranet Applications, Workflows, and Web-parts make up Beyond Intranet, a division of Beyond Key (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner).

3. HingePoint – Custom SharePoint Development Services

Partnering HingePoint for SharePoint development services will deliver positive results, a positive attitude, and positive impacts on your investments. 

Expert system consultants at HingePoint are trained to only concentrate on the outcomes for clients. HingePoint, don’t move on with Unique Process until they agree on the project’s goals, the products that customers anticipate, and the business value those outcomes will add.

HingePoint has 15 years of experience integrating with SharePoint in more than 200 companies. HingePoint provides Microsoft SharePoint services like consulting, custom development, migration, SharePoint hub site, data and document management, company intranet, and project management.

4. IncWORX Consulting – SharePoint Migration Consultant

IncWORX has been a SharePoint expert since 2001, with more than 600 companies partnering in different Microsoft services. Every time a customer collaborates with IncWORX, a senior-level specialist is your point of contact. They become your partner rather than just your consultant.

IncWORX provides more connectivity and enhancement among the organization’s employees. IncWORX delivers solutions that give support, engagement, and connectivity they need to work together better. 

IncWORX delivers seamless SharePoint Migration services along with SharePoint Administrative, Deployment Services, SharePoint Branding Services, and SharePoint Integration services. 

5. ScienceSoft – Custom SharePoint Development

ScienceSoft is well-known 33 years IT experience organization, working with more than 700 IT professionals. ScienceSoft has successfully helped more than 3300 companies to transform and adopt IT technologies for better growth and development. Science Softworks with businesses from more than 70 different countries, and 76% of their revenue comes from contracts that extend for more than a year.

ScienceSoft has provided SharePoint consultancy to organizations for over 15 years to assist them in creating effective collaboration environments and saving operating expenses.

ScienceSoft is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner with 100+ years of Custom SharePoint project integration experience. The experts at ScienceSoft will evaluate your issues with cooperation and explain how SharePoint might be helpful for your organization for better development and growth.  

6. Innovative Architects – SharePoint Migration Company

In 2005, Innovative Architects (IA) was founded with the straightforward mission of using Microsoft Enterprise Platform technology to address complicated business challenges. Since then, Innovative Architects has increased its client base to over 275 and employs over 130 software engineering consultants. 

Innovative Architects is Microsoft Gold-certified SharePoint experts at Innovative Architects that can help the organization adopt SharePoint correctly by leveraging tried-and-true best practices to produce a solution that satisfies the company’s particular business requirements.

Innovative Architects provides agile and seamless SharePoint Migration service for your intranet portal, files, emails, Documents, and even thumb drives. Innovative Architects has immense knowledge and experience in implementing SharePoint services with all features, productivity, and cost benefits for small enterprises.

7. CODECREATORS – SharePoint Migration Company

CODECREATORS is a comprehensive software development company with 50+ software experts working on different Microsoft technology solutions. CODECREATORS is established in Canada and has provided unique software solutions to thousands of customers worldwide for over six years.

CODECREATORS intends to maximize enterprise efficiency with a trusted SharePoint Consultancy partnership and deliver high-performing and well-crafted SharePoint implementation. CODECREATORS provides immense expertise in SharePoint Migration with experience and diverse skill sets. 

8. I3solutions – SharePoint Consulting Companies

The renowned software development company I3solution was established in 1997 to encounter various challenges and uniquely complex situations.  

With its distinctive and beneficial approach to SharePoint consulting, i3solution offers a wide range of services they have created over our many years of working with enterprises. 

i3solution provides unique in, depth, and variety of SharePoint consulting services. It follows the SharePoint integration process with analysis, design, development, implementation, delivery, training, and support. i3solution uses third-party technologies and SharePoint development to build unique SharePoint apps that meet the business-critical requirements of their clients.

9. Iflexion – SharePoint Development Services

Iflexion has been providing software development and related IT services since its founding in 1999. They deliver high-quality solutions by combining tried-and-true processes, business domain knowledge, and technological experience from 850+ qualified software professionals.

By transforming SharePoint into unique apps for barrier-free enterprise content management, lively team collaboration, and increased worker productivity, Iflexion assists enterprises in mastering the platform.

For customers looking for cloud collaboration and productivity tools, Iflexion offers SharePoint Online and Office 365. Iflexion arranges cloud environments as part of their SharePoint consulting services per Microsoft’s specifications and enterprise-specific needs. 

10. Star-Knowledge – SharePoint Migration Company

Star Knowledge started its career in technology consulting to resolve daily issues that corporations and businesses encounter, assisting them in focusing on what they do best while leaving their technological concerns to us.

Today, Star Knowledge is one of the SharePoint migration companies that deliver customized SharePoint Online consulting and development services to global executives with planning and strategy, OOTB solutions, user acceptance and training, streamlined processes, and more.

Whatever the current version of your file server or SharePoint environment is, Star Knowledge’s SharePoint experts can assist you with updating it to the most recent version, whether it be SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2017, or 2019.

11. Aufait Technologies – Custom SharePoint Development Company

Aufait is a leading technology consulting firm specializing in creating customized SharePoint solutions to provide digital workplace solutions for businesses using Microsoft technologies. Since 2003, Aufait has established an excellent reputation as a leader in enterprise portal, web, and mobile applications.

With more than 16 years of experience in SharePoint development, Aufait Technologies has a wealth of knowledge. Aufait has some of the top names in the corporate world thanks to its ongoing success in bringing about revolutionary improvements in innovation management through technological interventions. 

Aufait SharePoint professionals create comprehensive plans based on your organizational structure, Aufait designers create compelling interfaces for you to choose from, and we continue a mutual consulting process throughout the entire process to help you realize the workplace of your dreams. 

12. Zeolite Solutions – Custom SharePoint Development Company 

From application development, SharePoint integration, and implementation, through SharePoint deployment and management, Zeolite Solutions provides a full spectrum of SharePoint-related services.

The ability to create a SharePoint solution that combines your processes and supports Zelite’s comprehensive approach aids the work of your workers. Delete offers advice, development, migration, integration, and support for SharePoint. 

Zeolite Solutions offer implementation services for SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-premises. We adhere to best practices to guarantee that your solution will satisfy both short-term and long-term needs.

13. SharePoint Maven – SharePoint migration company

SharePoint Maven has the expertise ten years in SharePoint-related solutions. To help business owners, IT managers, CFOs, CEOs, and others understand how to use SharePoint in a way that benefits them and their organizations, SharePoint Maven offers a range of SharePoint consulting solutions. It is possible to learn in a flexible, secure, and practical manner thanks to the virtual availability of all SharePoint Maven services.

One important aspect to remember while configuring an intranet for a business is that no two companies have the same demands. With a timeframe that will have you up and running quickly, SharePoint Maven’s Intranet consulting services offer an out-of-the-box, bespoke solution created just for the operations of your business.

14. Chorus – SharePoint intranet consultants

Managed IT & Cyber Security Provider Chorus is a game-changing company. Chorus 24/7/365 service desk and Cyber Security Operations Centre serve as the cornerstones of our aim to assist organizations in adopting safe, cutting-edge Microsoft technology to aid in their transformation and success (CSOC).

Chorus specializes in assisting businesses in maximizing the returns on their investments in Office 365 and SharePoint, frequently growing to be their go-to SharePoint partner. To fully utilize the advantages of modern SharePoint, Chorus SharePoint experts collaborate with you to customize the platform to your organization’s unique requirements. 

15. Abel Solution – SharePoint Migration Services

Customers have relied on Abel Solutions for over 27 years to handle their business and technical problems since no one else could. You can achieve significant business improvement with Abel Solutions to meet your strategic objectives.

The Abel Group SharePoint developers can design and set up SharePoint websites to serve your company’s objectives. A fully customized website for your business and your business alone is created by Abel Solutions using the best SharePoint setup services to improve business activity across the board.

Abel solution offers specialized SharePoint consulting & migration services for every area of your business, from project and quality management to employee and client portals.

16. Simplesharepoint – SharePoint Online Migration Consultant

Microsoft Gold certified partner simplesharepoint delivers what they promise. Simplesharepoint brings the knowledge, dedication, and abilities to improve your company. Additionally, simplesharepoint understand organizations’ problem and requirements and then choose the most acceptable option that will enable you to realize value quickly.

For many organizations, maintaining and maximizing the return on investment from SharePoint continues to be complicated. Teams and SharePoint intranets are becoming more and more crucial to your remote workforce. Every part of workplace activity is supported by groups and SharePoint, whether it’s informing personnel or giving them access to standard tools and applications. Your dedicated SharePoint support and advisor can be SimpleSharePoint.

17. Ranosys – SharePoint Development Services

Ranosys is a multinational software development firm with offices in the US, UK, and UAE and three in India. Its headquarters are in Singapore. Since 2008, Ranosys’ adaptable delivery strategies and knowledgeable consultants have completed projects on schedule and below budget, making us the go-to technology partner for numerous businesses in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the US.

An experienced team of developers, technical consultants, and SharePoint architects has been added to Ranosys, a leading Microsoft SharePoint development firm in Singapore. Ranosys offer consultancy, technological development, integration, migration, and support for SharePoint at the highest level across all significant industrial verticals. Ranosys solutions are simple, robust, and tailored to your company’s demands and the most recent trends.  

18. AL Rafay Consultancy – SharePoint intranet consultants

Al Rafay Consulting, LLC is a premier Microsoft consulting and software development company famous for its skill in providing cutting-edge solutions that can alter your company’s operations and enable digitalization. Al Rafay has been creating advanced, specialized platform-based solutions for businesses of all kinds in the student housing, real estate, and performing arts sectors for over ten years.

Many businesses are unsure exactly which SharePoint services they need. Even the most prominent corporations frequently fail to recognize their SharePoint requirements. Al Rafay helps its clients set up SharePoint and equips them to take advantage of its many advantages. As a result, Al Rafay is easily accessible to connect organizations to SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises greatest marvels.

19. Bluebox Solution – Custom SharePoint development company

Blue box Solutions specializes in providing turnkey, custom business solutions based on Microsoft technology. Blue box Solutions’ modular product lineup may be customized to meet the unique requirements of different companies and is created to handle a variety of typical business difficulties.

Microsoft SharePoint Solution delivered by blue box may considerably increase your business profits, reduce business risks, and enhance disaster recovery by digitizing your business interactions and eliminating the requirement for paper-based forms and processes.

20. EPC Group – SharePoint Development Services

Twenty-five years experienced and Microsoft Gold certified partner, EPC group, was founded with the motive to help small, medium, and enterprise businesses. With dedication towards the work and time-tested deep expertise, EPC group is one of the leading Microsoft technology service providers with 200 employees working remotely throughout the globe. 

EPC Group provides SharePoint consulting services for every stage and goal needed for a successful rollout and to tackle your company’s problems. EPC supports customers throughout the SharePoint Managed Services lifecycle, from initial planning to design, implementation, configuration, and customization, go-live, to post-go-live maintenance.

Additionally, EPC provides 360-degree SharePoint Consulting for Office 365 intranet portal development, SharePoint development, modification, and migration on-premises.


We discussed 20 top SharePoint companies above, and we hope this information was helpful to your organization in choosing the best SharePoint Consultants among mentioned 20 companies. 

Every SharePoint Consulting company has its specialty and uniqueness. However, we recommend choosing a company with good-sounding experience and expertise in Microsoft SharePoint integration services and has worked with as many as a company and have assisted the organizations in having better growth and development. 


What Is SharePoint Consultant? 

SharePoint Consultant provides Microsoft SharePoint services and supports the organization to enhance collaboration and productivity by delivering one platform to share and manage documents, files, and data. 

How much does a SharePoint consultant cost?

The price of a SharePoint consultant varies from country to country, and it depends on the requirements and demands of the organization. So, we recommend contacting the company’s sales team to know more about the pricing. 

What can SharePoint integrate with? 

We can integrate your SharePoint solution with CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Pipedrive, BPM Online, Zoho CRM, amoCRM, Nimble, SAP CRM, and Oracle Sales Cloud name just a few.

How does SharePoint Consulting Work? 

A web-based platform called SharePoint can be combined with Microsoft Office. It is a document management and storage system, but it also has a wide range of highly customizable functions, including data integration, server monitoring, and many others. Demand for SharePoint specialists is rising.

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