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Top 25 NFT Game Development Companies in USA, UK, Australia

Top 25 NFT Game Development Companies in USA, Australia, Germany India

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Are you looking for NFT game development firms in the United States or worldwide? The great number of game creation businesses in the United States makes selecting the finest from one of the many choices difficult. Here is a list of the top mobile NFT game development companies in the USA to figure out the best options. You may read valuable user comments to understand how they felt. These businesses’ rankings can help you identify their capabilities and aid in selection. Browse this list of NFT game development companies in the USA to locate the top game developers in the United States for your next gaming project.

Top 30 NFT Marketplace Development Company in USA, UK, India 2022

list of 10 NFT game development Companies

NFT are playing a crucial role in the gaming world. With the NFT game development, creators can actually create better games than ever. These NFTs are used to represent in-game objects like weapons, avatars and so on. 

1. The NineHertz – Best NFT Game Development Company

The NineHertz is a global pioneer of game development services and stands out as the leading NFT game development company. The NineHertz company was founded in 2008, with offices USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, and UAE, with its development center in India. The ISO-certified company and its NFT game developer are competent in providing robust and reliable NFT game development solutions.

In addition to NFT game development, they also create AR, VR, Android, iOS, casino, unity, and other games for SMEs. The company has 575+ professionals who have launched 1800+ Projects and worked on 15+ development platforms with 95% client retention.

2. Suffescom Solutions – Top NFT Game Developer

Suffescom is one of the most well-reputed brands globally for developing great games and is one of the major IT and IT consulting businesses. The company is ISO certified and offers solid and reliable NFT game development services across the globe. The company has a team of experts who are well versed with 2D and 3D game development programming that has developed over 2000 award-winning gaming solutions worldwide.

3. Juego Studios

Juego Studios is a prominent technological venture and among the top NFT game development companies in the USA, specializing in high-quality design and development for games, apps, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, machine learning, simulation, Big Data, IoT, and other applications.

We provide organization models and services for various sectors, including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, defense, construction, and finance. We help organizations acquire important data, keep ahead of the competition, and promote innovation by using emerging technology. We produce high-quality games and applications for smartphones, iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Mac, consoles, browsers, and Facebook. 

4. CodeZeros

Codezeros is a leading NFT development company that helps businesses to build their own NFT
Marketplace. Hire our NFT developers who are experts in building NFT game development, NFT
marketplace development, NFT token development, NFT Launchpad development and many more.

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5. Climbax Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

Climbax helps android NFT game development companies in the USA tell their stories to the world to change the world via technology. They now have a presence in three countries, with clients in more than ten countries. Their services include computer programming, web design, mobile app development, NFT game development, digital marketing, and animations. Climax offers one of the fastest reaction times in the market, with no sacrifices on quality, thanks to its intelligent and skilled crew.

6. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.

BR Softech is a global pioneer in creating the next software and mobile applications. It is, therefore among the leading NFT game development companies in the USA, hence, It’s a website, application, and mobile application development business with an ISO 9001: 2008 certification. This premier information technology firm was founded in August 2010 and has since concentrated on generating innovative goods and solutions utilising cutting-edge technology.

7. Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs is a well-known technology solution provider and an internet provider specializing in Internet, Smartphone, Virtual Reality, and Simulation software. We design and create intelligent, inventive, and long-lasting online systems, mobile applications, video games, and interactive entertainment experiences on various platforms. We’ve been in operation since 2009 and also have established ourselves as key artists and publishers.

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8. Artoon Solutions

Artoon Solutions is an Indian-based mobile application development business. They have great experience designing web pages, web applications, mobile applications, and games from scratch! It’s been more than a decade, and there are 150+ in-house IT specialists with experience in research, growth, product testing, implementation, and business growth. Our engineers employ cutting-edge technology such as Big Data analytics to create software that best meets your and your company’s needs.

9. Zco

It is among the top gaming companies in the USA, from mobile applications to big data solutions, Zco Corporation specializes in bespoke software development. Zco provides unrivaled customer care with a staff of over 300+ programmers, architects, and artists. For freelancers, startups, and Leading multinational organizations alike, they’ve developed solid software solutions. They provide absolutely new iOS App Development and Android App Development solutions to both small businesses and huge corporations.

10. Visartect Inc.

Visartech Inc. is among the leading gaming companies in the USA which also develops software and therefore serves as a dependable technology partner, providing tech consulting and full-cycle software development services to enterprises. Their expertise ranges from technology consulting to creative internet and digital mobile applications, IT infrastructure engineering, cloud technologies connectivity, and product support. Facts about Visartech: 11+ years of expertise with a record of success 150+ games and business applications were provided, 1.5K+ 3D models were created, and 14+ development platforms were employed, with 86 percent of clients returning.

11. Quy Technology

 Quy Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an award-winning mobile NFT game development company in the USA with considerable expertise in consulting and building numerous Immersive & Mobility solutions for a wide range of customers worldwide. Both startups and companies may benefit from our services in mobile application development, virtual reality, augmented reality, and workplace mobility solutions. Ecommerce, healthcare, training and development, retail, real estate, entertainment, and education are some of the industries in which designers work.

12. Scalan Labs

Scalan Labs is a startup that uses a distributed dedicated engineering approach to transfer a portion of computer programming. It is thus working for the aim to become one of the best android NFT game development companies in the USA, furthermore,  providing white-glove service to our clients at a cheaper cost than typical outsourcing organizations by supplying top-notch developers with experience with the newest technologies and programming. Under their focused development team concept, which is based on trust, dedication, and deep technical abilities, they specialize in delivering cost-effective, custom-fit software solutions.

13. Saffron Tech

Saffron Tech is a digital transformation company with its headquarters in New York and India that truly aims at Mobile NFT game development and web development. They work on digital marketing services. They have 10 years of experience plus the most specialized staff in the field that are working to rank the company on #1. Furthermore, they have 1000+ successful projects under their name, serving 1000+ clients worldwide offering top-notch game and app-based services.

14. 4Experience

Their major work is to create virtual or augmented reality. They offer a wide range of solutions and software development services on all platforms at their best potential. 4Experience has its headquarters in Poland and is among the USA’s well-known NFT game development companies. The company has a team of experts who are passionate engineers hence working as a part of the company and moreover, they create custom solutions for their clients. With app and web development, they support other companies to gain a competing advantage. Their support begins with concept development and continues till the product launch and maintenance as well as they provide a unique team training service.

15. Whimsy Games

Whimsy games are among the top NFT game development companies in the USA. The company was founded in 2015. Whimsy Games has a team of 40-50 professionals who work day and night for the company’s success, providing the best ever services to their customers. They treat each game’s unique development strategies while turning ideas into reality. Their mission is to focus on the transparency, quality, trust, and timely delivery of their services while providing best customer service to its customers worldwide.

16. Kevuru Games

It is among the leading NFT game development companies that create innovative projects for a wide range of customers worldwide. Kevuru Games aims to go above and beyond to provide the best quality services and ensure maximum client satisfaction. More than 300 professional game developers are working in the company. Secondly, with a 10 year of expertise in the worldwide game sector 90% of their customers are willing to refer them. Revenues are up to 46% year over year.

17. GameAnax Studio Pvt. Ltd

GameAnax is a fast-growing company with a team of highly skilled creators and developers. They have successfully served multiple industries over the last 8 years, including automobile, real estate, entertainment, and sports by offering the best company solutions. They want to provide great solutions with extremely dynamic content for both companies and customers’ use cases. Their in-home team of more than 30 experts is capable of producing unique solutions for mobile, tablets, and larger screen gadgets.

18. KnocKnock Games

Their journey began with R-Style Lab which is Knocknock Game’s parent company. It was launched in 2006 as a part of E-Style software, a New York-based software company, and is considered one of the most popular mobile NFT game development companies in the USA. Knock knock Games is now an independent NFT game development studio with 15 in-house developers. Their staff consists of game industry experts with 12 years of expertise and middle-level developers with creativity and passion. They create and design games for hire and work on their own projects that do not get due attention these days.

19. Fluper Ltd

Fluper Ltd is a US-based company that also has its branches in UAE and London. It was founded in 2013. Being a trustworthy app development partner, the company has become quite popular in the last 5 years  among entrepreneurs. The company is well known as an android NFT game development company in the USA. In addition, the company provides android and iOS app development, cross-platform app development, ionic app development, UI/UX design and web design. Fluper Ltd is also working on cutting edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, blockchain, the internet of things and more inorder to satisfy their customer’s requirements with the best quality services.

20. Red Apple Technologies

Red Apple Technologies is a US-based digital company with branches in India, UK and Germany. They have a diversified staff of 50+ skilled and experienced engineers, designers, and experts who connect current trends with unique creativity. They provide affordable iOS and Android app development plus mobile NFT game development services. To keep up the increasing needs, they focus more on two major platforms- iOS and android app development services. Above all they have 8 years of experience in the IT industry and their team has successfully served over 100 companies ranging from startups to multinational companies with their unique services. In India, Sweden and USA they are cost-effective and customer-focused digital companies.

21. Grepix Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Grepix Infotech is a one-stop destination for mobile app development, website design and digital marketing. It was founded in 2012. The company specializes in offering unique design and development services. They are also well versed in native mobile app development, tablet applications plus HTML5-based mobile web applications. Grepix offers a wide range of solutions for taxis, logistics, delivery, emergency services and roadside assistance and delivery service as well. They believe in making positive and long term relationships with their clients. They have clients in the USA, UK, India and Europe.

22. Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is a popular android NFT game development company in the USA, specializing in mobile and online app development services. The company has more than 8 years of experience in mobile app development and 6+ years of experience in web app development. Auxano Global Services offers top-notch mobile and web app development services with high customer satisfaction. The company develops mobile and web applications on a variety of platforms  

23. Fluper Ltd.

Fluper has held the rank of No. 1 Mobo Agency Globe since its establishment in 2013. This has become the primary choice for entrepreneurs since it is approved through IBM, NASSCOM, NSIC, MSME, and ISO. Because of their partnerships with many well-known businesses, they are among the top gaming companies in the USA. When it comes to accomplishments, Innovate India named us the Outstanding Startup of the Year for 2018.

10 More Top NFT Game Development Company

There are a lot of NFT gaming platform development companies that exist there. The below is among the top NFT Game Development Companies:

  1. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is the leading online and mobile app development business in India, UAE, USA, UK, Canada. They developed many blockchain solutions in the past and are trustworthy and secure. They have a staff of over 500 developers who are ready to work on any complex requirement and build the best solutions utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies. The company has expertise in web and app development, AI solutions, AR/VR, Big Data Analysis, IoT development, NFT game development services, Blockchain, Game development and much more.

  1. Infosys

Infosys is a multinational company that provides outstanding business solutions such as consulting, IT and software development services plus top-notch support in the blockchain and gaming markets. In addition, they have a staff of experienced game developers who are experts in AR/VR and 3D games.

  1. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is among the fastest-growing multinational IT companies established in 1986 that announced the launch of its non-fungible tokens marketplace in just a couple of weeks. The company recently came up with a declaration on creating an NFTs marketplace with the aim to maximize its gaming app potential.

  1. RipenApps

RipenApps has been among the popular NFT game development companies. It is a well-established company that is prepared to provide solutions to business owners looking for NFT game development companies. The company provides incredible services- Crypto Kitties, Exclusive characters and Virtual Landscapes.

  1.  Infinite Block Tech

Infinite Block Tech is a startup that supports companies in locating creative solutions for the NFT industry. Their strategies regarding NFT game development are developing daily. They have a team of experts who make ideas ahead of time resulting in improved results.

  1.  LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is one of the most well-known names in the industry for developing incredible NFT gaming platforms. In addition, it is one of the greatest NFT game creation markets because of its ever-efficient approach to the NFT marketplace and a staff of highly skilled and experienced game developers.

  1. Silicon IT hub

Silicon IT hub is a NFT game development company that offers services to clients across the globe. It has a team of experts that provide incredible security features to keep the platform safe. The company is growing rapidly by embracing the vast universe of NFT game creation services.

  1. DxMinds

DxMinds is another name for the best nft gaming platform development company. This mobile service company supports startups and small businesses to maintain their web presence. The company helps with custom web designs and the creation and development of complex online apps and games.

  1. Appinventiv

Appinventiv was established as a nonprofitable game development company in 2015. The company is growing like everything else in the NFT marketplace development. It offers a wide range of solutions that explore various market services with all of the necessary features and capabilities.

  1. Somish Blockchain Labs

Somish Blockchain Labs was founded in 2006, and has an excellent record of delivering outstanding projects in its 16 years of existence. The company has worked in the gaming sector and served the leading 500 companies, governments, and startups worldwide.

  1. HDataSystems

HDataSystems is a data science company that uses analytical approaches to help businesses improve their productivity and performance. The company provides several features like NFT gaming platform development,  big data analytics, data science, AI, machine learning, automation etc.

  1. Zensar Technologies 

Zensar Technologies, founded in 1991 is a leading game development company. The company has roughly a staff of 10,000 experts who are well versed in the field and offices in 20 countries globally. They offer many services like Digital Supply Chain, Cloud Infrastructure, AI and Automation, NFT game development services, Data Management, Data Science, and many other cutting-edge technologies.

  1. WillowTree

WillowTree is a leading game development and digital production company that operates worldwide. Their mobile strategies, UI/UX Designers and software engineers have created over 1000 mobile and digital solutions for clients worldwide. In addition, the company offers web and app development, software development, chatbot development, UI/UX and other latest technologies.

  1. Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is among the most well-known IT companies and one of the world’s most valuable IT service brands. The company offers Enterprise Apps, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Solutions, Automation, AI and many other latest technologies. The company was founded in 1968 and today has 149 branches in 46 countries.

16. Innowise Group — NFT Minting Website Development Company

Relying on the comprehensive expertise in blockchain technology, Innowise Group develops and implements websites and platforms with advanced feature sets letting users mint and trade non-fungible tokens and drive profit. The company creates intuitive UI/UX, ensures security and transparency, helps integrate NFTs into existing solutions, and provides NFT minting app support services. Innowise Group maintains token standards, including ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-998, and TRC-721.

List of More Best 10 NFT Gaming Platform Development Services Provider WorldWide in 2022

  1. NineHertz
  2. Infosys
  3. Tech Mahindra
  4. Infinite Block Tech
  5. LeewayHertz
  6. Silicon IT Hub
  7. DxMinds
  8. Appinventiv
  9. Somish Blockchain Labs


The greatest NFT game development firms in the United States are listed here to save you time while choosing the top NFT game development companies in the USA and secondly, another important factor to consider while choosing a company is the price. In this article, we compared the top ten gaming companies in the USA. We hope this article has been helpful in your research for the finest NFT game development company.

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