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50+ List of Best Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai in 2022

Nearly 98% of people in the UAE use smartphones. This is the reason for the emergence of many mobile app development companies...

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mobile application development companies in dubai

Nearly 98% of people in the UAE use smartphones. This is the reason for the emergence of many mobile app development companies in Dubai. Below listed are some of the top-performing mobile app development companies in Dubai offering exemplary app development services across various sectors.

The projected revenue from app downloads, in-app purchases by 2023 will reach to $581.9 billion.

Should You Launch on the Android or iOS App Store First in Dubai?

Before you launch, you have a thesis. After you launch, you’ll see the ground reality. If you don’t have a lot of information, not sure about functionality then you should go with the android app first. Because more than 70% market is covered by Android OS in Dubai. Once you got enough data from Android installation then plan your final version and go with iOS. IOS development and marketing is costly than Android so better to test on Android and save millions. Here we have listed the top android app development companies worldwide might be they help you.

Here is list of top 10 App Development Firms in Dubai

The below mentioned Dubai based mobile app development companies have been shortlisted based on:

  • Quality of Work and Acceptable Prices
  • Review and Ratings on Clutch
  • Google’s Organic Ranking
  • Client Testimonials
  • Annual Cumulative Growth Rate of the Company
  1. Pyramidion Solutions

Pyramidion is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai excelling in offering top-notch mobile app development services across various sectors and businesses. There in house experienced mobile app developers holding expertise in delivering efficient app solutions. 

  1. Promatics Technologies

Promatics has been ever-evolving with the tech needs and aligning with the digital landscape to provide modern app development services to their clients. Their app solutions are capable of enhancing business capabilities. NFT and fintech are trending these days. If you looking to launch your NFT based platform then we have also a list of Top 10 NFT Marketplace Development Companies. Must explore.

  1. Diginix AI IT Solutions

Diginix is one of the award-winning mobile app development companies in the UAE offering the best software solutions. Their services include web development, mobile app development, software consulting, eCommerce solutions, and many more.

  1. Ajath

Ajath is a top-performing app development company known for managing to give industry-best app services to businesses. They capture, analyze, and deliver beautiful applications with rich features.

  1. Alphonic Network Solutions

With long-run experience in custom mobile app development, Alphonic serves as a trustworthy development company transforming digital ideas into a full-blown and responsive application. Their developers aim at deploying prominence by getting along with the tech trends.

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  1. Emirates Graphic

Emirates Graphic is a company providing innovative mobile and web app solutions to a wide range of verticals. They serve both small-scale and large-scale industries. They are committed to creating apps that are able to create a buzz in the mobile industry and have achieved doing the same with many business applications.

  1. Folio3

Folio excels in helping businesses with their efficient and innovative application development services. They follow a lean startup approach in app development which fits every business irrespective of their size.

  1. Appstirr

Appstirr is a top-ranked mobile app development company in Dubai [providing user-friendly mobile app solutions on both iOS and Android platforms. Their robust project support and unmatchable app development services are their keystones to success.

  1. Acropolis Infotech

By creating high-quality digital products, Acropolis stands out among the existing companies with extensive services and seamless development processes. They have delivered enterprise software solutions all around the globe.

  1. Arcade Dev House

Arcade surpasses the user expectations and tech trend integration into their business app solutions. Their app solutions such as video chat apps, construction sites, etc., are serving the best for the respective businesses.

List of Dubai Based Top Mobile Application Development Companies.

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  1. Zoondia

They are a custom software development company taking tech advancements further and inculcating them to provide top-class app services. From ideation to execution and validation of the application, they guide you through every phase of the project.

  1. Lollypop Design Studio

With best-in-class designing and top-notch development services, Lollypop serves to offer potential business-specific app services. They empower the best digital tech tools to transform your business and attain your business goals.

  1. Branex LLC

Offering sophisticated digital solutions, Branex LLC delivers high-performing websites and applications with top-notch branding. With the right dose of professionalism, services, and quality solutions, they excel in helping businesses make waves in their sector.

  1. Silicon Graphics

Silicon graphics offers a range of services that aid businesses in taking their business reach to maximum numbers. With handpicked developers in place, they offer applications built with cutting-edge technologies. 

  1. Utility

Utility is an award-winning mobile app development company in Dubai holding expertise in providing scalable and robust applications. They accelerate your business with platform-driven solutions and a state-of-the-art tech stack.

  1. Inventcolabs

Inventcolabs rightly sees the dots and loops in the IT services and bridges the gap between them by offering top-class app development services. They have served a range of web and mobile app affairs of various businesses.

  1. Versatile Mobitech

Aligning with the digital age and tech trends, Versatile Mobitech offers versatile mobile applications by imparting your business needs and market needs. They hold a long-term alliance in aiding businesses grow with their innovative app solutions.

  1. Quanta Software Solution

Quanta Software is a digital agency in Dubai providing the best app development services for over a decade. Their services include website development, mobile app development, SEO services, and digital marketing services.

  1. Cubix

By bringing your app vision to life accurately, Cubix helps you with potential mobile app development services. They also help businesses in increasing visibility, engagement, and revenue earned through the developed application.

  1. Trendline

Trendline is a software development company providing a wide range of businesses with various services such as blockchain development, app development, web development, etc., The main goal is to reach the app’s actual destination by incorporating the best development practices.

Top 50 Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai for 2022

  1. Aspired

Aspired is a tech-savvy remote agency helping businesses in outsourcing the best developers for your app development project. They are known for their game-changing app development services imparted with modern tech trends.

  1. Innobayt Innovative Solutions

Innobayt is a company that holds experience in transforming your desired business ideas into fully functional applications. With a group of experienced and passionate developers, they build innovative applications and also impart AI-based feature sets.

  1. GP Solutions

GP Solutions aim at solving business-specific problems by offering best-in-class mobile applications solutions. They follow agile methodologies and make use of cutting-edge technologies for app development.

  1. QTech Networks

QTech excels in developing highly polished mobile and web applications. With a versatile suite of app development services. They have helped many businesses taste success in a shorter period of time.

  1. Collatree

Collatree comprises a team of industry experts who are helping businesses accelerate their success rate with intuitive applications. With best-in-breed solutions, they help various sectors transform their business and take it to new standards. 

  1. Bettertech

Bettertech provides the best solutions for your business problem. With a supreme tech stack, they aim at delivering the best-perforant applications that solve all your business anomalies.  

  1. Alchemative

Alchemative excels in offering end-to-end app development services to upscale your business. With more than 7 years of experience in this domain, they have provided applications for a diverse range of industries that have helped them with outpacing the market competition.

  1. Segura Innovative Tech Solutions 

Segura houses one of a kind development team that is seasoned in developing robust web and mobile applications. They align with the modern tech trends and strive to offer applications that are advanced enough to suit the current trends.

  1. ITXITPro

They provide scalable and innovative ERP and CRM solutions that are effective enough to handle your business issues. With top-notch app development services and advanced feature inclusions, they master at providing the best applications for your business.

  1. Ingic

Ingic provides ground-breaking digital marketing solutions that help you in taking your business to the next level. Their services include web development, software development, digital marketing, etc.,

  1. Ambab Infotech

Ambab is a full-stack app development company that has worked with a diverse range of enterprises and retailers and provided them with world-class app solutions. They offer products of the highest quality and incorporate advanced security features.

  1. Paramount Infosystem

Paramount is a custom web and mobile app development company having a successful track record of providing innovative app solutions for more than 10 years. By taking high-security improvement measures, they ensure to provide high-end security to your application.

  1. Weft Technologies

With elegant digital solutions, Weft strives to offer creative applications by using unique development strategies. They are updated with the latest technologies and impart the same in their app solutions. 

  1. ICreativez Technologies

ICreativez houses the best team of mobile app developers. This mobile app development company has helped businesses make strides in the market with their top-notch app development services. 

  1. Ethos Global Solutions

By providing enhanced online applications, Ethos ensures to take care of the overall growth of your business. They offer app development services that lead to strategic and customer-centric app development. 

  1. Select Creatives

Selective Creatives is a digital agency in Dubai offering amazing digital solutions for various industries. They dig deep into your business requirements and ensure to offer the best solution that suits the process of achieving your business milestones.

  1. Witz-Tech

Witz has been aiding many businesses over the years to develop potential mobile applications that let them obtain a sustainable position in the market.

  1. Daddy Cool Technologies

Daddy Cool Technologies is an award-winning mobile app development agency providing efficient services such as web development, eCommerce app development, mobile app development,n marketing services, etc.,

  1. CyberSec Consulting

CyberSec is a mobile app development company in Dubai that is popular for delivering highly secure applications. With proactive security assessment services, they excel in offering the best security mechanisms. 

  1. Chacra Software Solutions

Chacra Software Solutions build reliable and modern applications for businesses by integrating modern feature sets and functionalities into their robust app solutions. 

  1. Inveon

Inveon offers a unified and remarkable digital solution that helps businesses to sustain themselves in the ever-evolving mobile app market. They unlock every digital potential to provide the best application that satisfies your business needs. 

  1. Brill Mindz

Brill Mindz is a leading app development company that helps businesses in showcasing their app ideas establish good brand values. Their precise focus is to work well on the development process so that everything else falls in place rightly. 

  1. FuGenX Technologies

FuGenX excels in shopping your business ideas into a revolutionary application. With their quality-driven approach and best-in-class technology tools, they have created so many productive applications.

  1. Way2Smile

By leveraging cutting-edge app development tools and frameworks, Way2Smile strives to turn your business needs into an achievable reality. With solid designing and app development strategies, they help you establish your business’s digital presence.  

  1. ParamInfo

Harnessing the power of technologies, ParamInfo redefines your business standards with their top-notch appl solutions. By leveraging the potential of cloud services and automation techniques they deliver perfect apps that fit your business.

  1. Zapio Technology

Zapio houses experts who create tailor-made applications using state-of-the-art tech tools and tech-driven approaches. They collide with businesses and maneuver them through each phase of the project. 

  1. App Maisters Inc

App Maisters exploit the advantages of modern technologies to offer your the best application that is robust and feature-rich. Their comprehensive suite of services helps you in reaching unthinkable heights in your business. 

  1. Ewaan Tech

Ewaan Tech is a mobile app development company in Dubai that can perfectly align your business needs and market trends and develop for you a top-class application. 

  1. Okratech

With their digital innovations, Okratech helps you transform your business app ideas into reality with their competitive services and development approaches.

  1. A2 Solutions

With experienced professionals holding expertise in delivering quality applications, A2 Solutions ensures to provide top-grade app solutions to increase the success side of your business.

No matter what industry it is, business owners, startups and enterprises are focusing on moving to the next level going digital. Moreover, the business benefits of building a mobile app are many. The top functional and marketing benefits of business mobile applications are as follows:

  • Direct Communication
  • Geo-Targeting Marketing
  • Increased Recognition
  • Better Customer Loyalty
  • Website Creates Awareness And The App Makes The Sale
  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Boosts Brand Recognition
  • Improved visibility

More Best App Developers of Development Companies in Dubai For 2022

1. Messapps21. Orases41. Umbrella IT
2. App Maisters Inc22. Valuecoders42. DxMinds Technologies
3. WillowTree, Inc23. Carmatec Inc43. MyAppGurus
4. Fueled24.com44. FOONKIE MONKEY
5. ScienceSoft25. Robosoft Technologies45. IPHS Technologies
6. Rightpoint26. AndPlus46. Nimble AppGenie
7. Atomic Object27. MLSDev47. Enozom
8. VironIT28. Droids On Roids48. Alphonic Network
9. Konstant Infosolutions29 . Evon Technologies49. CTinformatics
10. Itexus30. Concetto Labs50. Queppelin
11. Zco31. iMOBDEV Technologies51. Riseapps
12. Intellectsoft32. Rootstrap52. InApps Technology
13. Exadel33. Simpalm53. Softuvo Solutions
14. FATbit Technologies34. RipenApps54. Digit Bazar
15. Scand35. Indus Net Technologies55. MSApps
16. Algoworks36. Fusion Informatics56. IT Solution24x7
17. IT Craft37. Quytech57. SegWitz Tech
18. Blue Label Labs38. ARKA Softwares58. Lemeor
19. Uptech39. Cubix59. Fluper
20. Dot Com Infoway40. Krify Software60. ArcTouch

Hope you find this helpful. From the listed companies, choose the one best suits your business requirements and develop strategies and kick-start your app development.

Written by Karthik Shaktivel
Karthik has been in the mobile app development field for over a decade. He holds experience in maneuvering teams by suggesting the best development strategies to follow and tech trends to adopt. He is the CTO of Pyramidion Solutions for more than 5 years and has contributed his knowledgeable aspects to the company’s growth. Profile

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