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Best Crypto Learning Resources 2023 – 10 Resources to learn about cryptocurrency

Discover the best crypto resources and boost your knowledge of cryptocurrency with our carefully curated collection. Explore the top blockchain and crypto...

Written by Niel Patel · 4 min read >
how many different blockchains are there

The blockchain business industry is quite vast. The cryptocurrency markets are open around the clock, seven days a week, unlike the conventional stock exchanges. With hundreds of new cryptos being released every week and established projects continually being modified to meet the ever-changing demands of the communities they serve, even the most seasoned crypto aficionados realise the significance of continued learning. There are a lot of moving parts in the cryptocurrency markets, so it’s crucial to utilise everything at your disposal to keep informed about what’s going on.

The most talked-about and divisive topic of the twenty-first century is undoubtedly cryptocurrency. Since it is now trending, it merits special attention. The fact that many individuals don’t yet understand the basics of how Cryptocurrency works is the biggest cause for worry. Therefore, we’ve listed here the top crypto resources where you can read, learn and stream in crypto. So, let’s dive!

Crypto Resources To Learn About Crypto

The crypto sector is vast and has gained much traction in recent years. Many people whether beginners or professionals use demo accounts of the crypto bots like Bitcoin Union to learn more about how crypto volatility works and how to make extra money. However, there are many other resources where you can get much information about crypto. All of these resources are excellent beginning points for anybody interested in learning more about Bitcoin.

  1. Captain Bitcoin

Among these crypto sites, Captain Bitcoin is among the most alluring. Captain Bitcoin is a video streaming platform that features a broad variety of videos related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. If you’re not a bookworm but would still want to understand cryptocurrency trading and how it works, this site may be your greatest resource. 

The platforms not only provide a place to view high-quality movies, but they also offered users the chance to win prizes totalling more than $1,000 in Bitcoin just for watching videos and learning from them. In addition, Captain Bitcoin provides very attractive monetary prizes for those who contribute to expanding the community by referring others to join. 

  1. Learn Crypto

Learn Crypto is a free online resource for becoming acquainted with the world of digital currency. You may customise your education to focus on the most interesting areas. The site also provides a wealth of educational materials, like podcasts, tools, price charts, and more, to assist users to get beyond the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, after users have completed the numerous learning subjects offered on Learn Crypto, they may continue to read the most instructive books produced throughout the globe on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

Most notably, it stands out from the other 8 learning resources on our list of 9 crypto resources due to its continuous learning capabilities, a thorough lexicon of crypto-related topics, and browser extension function. 

  1. Coinbureau

Coinbureau, run by crypto fans for crypto fans, is a news, industry, and market research publication with an emphasis on education. Discussing how-tos, market movements, and top cryptocurrency selections Coinbureau is a renowned crypto-focused YouTube channel recognised for delving deep into cutting-edge industry subjects. In addition to the latest news and helpful hints for newcomers, reviews, and in-depth crypto analysis, they provide weekly emails to their subscribers. 

  1. Binance Academy

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, is also the parent business of Binance Academy. When compared to the other crypto sites on our list, the Binance Academy stands out due to its zero cost and well-organized information. You may narrow down the results by selecting from among blockchain, tutorials, videos, security, and economics. Reading times and audio transcripts for all articles are prominently displayed at the top of their respective pages.

This allows the audience to choose their preferred duration of material and schedule their study sessions accordingly. Automatically produced transcripts of audio content. This indicates that the voice in the audio is synthetic. However, it is neither dull nor distracting, so students won’t have trouble concentrating. 

  1. serves as a hub for the blockchain community and cryptocurrency investors alike. First, we’ll discuss how this platform benefits investors. is the best place to start if you’re just getting started with cryptocurrency and want to understand the basics as quickly and simply as possible. You can get started with crypto investing with the aid of short lectures and video tutorials.

The Bitcoin development community now has access to, which provides a wealth of resources and information. The developers may create censorship-resistant goods, enhance the security of existing products, and learn from a variety of materials made with them in mind. 

  1. Hash Power

The three-part podcast Hash Power features in-depth discussions amongst prominent figures in the blockchain sector, such as Navan Ravikant, Fred Ehrsam, Ari Paul, Peter Jubber, and many more. Blockchain, its possibilities in the future, the concept of generating scarcity around digital assets, etc., are all topics that will be discussed in this episode. 

Furthermore, the podcast might be of great use to anybody curious about the far-reaching effects that blockchain and its products have had on the global financial system. Hash Power covers the fundamentals of blockchain technology up to the scale of mining operations and incentive structures of cryptocurrencies for its three episodes. 

  1. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn is a one-of-a-kind platform that supports any cryptocurrency project currently available, not only Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users may test their crypto expertise with a series of introductory films and quizzes provided by the site. Curiously, the site rewards cryptocurrency if a user gets a question right. 

This is a fantastic method of attracting new students to Coinbase Earn and solidifying the platform’s position as a leading crypto education hub. From the fundamentals of blockchain to advanced topics like creating a cryptocurrency wallet and investing, it’s all there for the taking. Users also get access to pricing charts and a plethora of helpful hints for increasing their portfolio’s profitability. 

  1. Ivan on Tech

If you want to learn all there is to know about blockchain technology and virtual currency, Ivan on Tech could be your best chance. More than 30 courses are available, covering a wide range of topics and difficulty levels, making this the perfect place to dive headfirst into the cryptocurrency world. The platform’s primary goal is to provide universal access to the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contract education and development. The courses here also have substantial material on the topic of protecting digital assets. 

Ivan on Tech provides excellent alternatives in the shape of YouTube videos and live broadcasts if you just want to stay up with crypto developments without delving into this much information. In addition, the primary goals of these real-time sessions are market analysis and trend decoding. 

What is the best source to learn cryptocurrency in 2023?

Coinbureau & CoinMarketCap is the best resource to learn about crypto.

Bottom Line

Do you want to begin investing in cryptocurrencies now? Visit these awesome sites, educate yourself about cryptocurrency, and start your investment portfolio now. Put your crypto assets to work and try your hand at staking to generate passive income if you have some experience with basic crypto trading. Don’t hesitate to join the crypto sector. You can make plenty of rewards in this sector just by trading wisely. We wish you a fruitful future. 

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