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Instagram is a great platform to share your content with the world. But as the content it is also a fantastic platform to share content, it is also a great platform to appreciate someone for what they are doing, and that’s why we have comments. 

However, with all this life busyness, it is not uncommon to run out of comments and ideas. That’s why for you, we have compiled a list of 20 amazing post ideas so that next time you have something to say on your friends’ posts. With that in mind, let’s get you started!

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Admire The People!

You can make their day by showing your appreciation for their content and letting them know that you enjoyed their post as you enjoy their company. One example is to use their name in your comment and add some simple words to garnish your true feelings. Here is one example of some admiring Instagram comments ideas:

  • “Dear Rose, I like this post! You look beautiful in these photos, as you always do.” 

See how simple this comment is, but it is enough to make the day for someone you love. Another example of this simple admiration is this comment. 

  • “Good Job”

This two-word comment is enough in itself. If you want to add a trellis of words with it, you can do something like “I like your editing” or “I like the background.” 

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Try To Inspire With Your Comments!

Giving someone simple inspiration for what they are doing in their lives is also one of the great comment ideas for Instagram posts. Take this as an example:

  • “I love your feed. A Bit Better Everyday! Or you can say.”
  • “I think you’re doing great on your Instagram account.” 

When you post this type of comment, never forget to personalize your comments so they can instantly connect with your comment. 

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Stay Blissful With Comments

What can be better than blissful comment ideas for Instagram? Nothing! Simply saying:

  • “You’re one of the most real people on Instagram.” gives them the motivation to stay true to their nature and as they are.

Your words can show them that they don’t follow trends and you don’t care about what other people think. Another way to say this:

  • “You live your life, say what’s on your mind and be yourself all the time. That’s why I love and admire you so much!”

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Take Time To Appreciate!

If you’re feeling inspired by someone’s work, and they post something, it’s time to appreciate them for what they are doing. Leaving a comment on their Instagram post equals showing them that you pay attention to what they do. It also lets them know that their work matters to them and encourages them to move daily!

In these types of comments, be specific about your admiration for them. Don’t just say, “good job.” Give them examples of why you want to appreciate them.

  • For example: “I love how honest this photo is.” 

Also, remember never to hide your personality or sense of humor. Personalization and adding a little humor make a comment more eye-catching and worth reading!

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Use Comments As The Reminder Of The Memories!

Reminder comments give you a great way to share your story and connect with others. You can even do this with posts that have nothing to do with your life or interests. You can even use words from the past that bring smiles to your face. That’s why reminding happy memories makes one of the ideas for comments on Instagram.

For example: 

  • “Your post reminded me of my first hug! It was in the summertime at our local pool.”

Another instance of this type of comment:

Suppose they have posted something about their pet dog, then you can comment:

  • “Your dog reminds me of my childhood pet Ricki–he used to get into everything!”

Go Neutral With Comments!

Sometimes we are not in the mood to say anything at all, but it’s your best friend posting, so you got to say something. For those times, you can comment neutral. 

These comments are a great way to show that you’re reading at least their posts. It shows that you might not be creative with your comments, but you care about what they say. 

Try to come up with words that relate to the photo and what was said in the caption, and let them know about it! For example:

  • “I love how you included this quote from Robert Frost.”

Or even: “I love your caption! It resonates with me.”

Just Spread Love And Comments!

Sometimes all you want to do is just spread love. Comments give you the easiest way to do it. Comments like this will do good: 

  • “I’m an avid reader and often see your posts. Your posts have helped me to connect with other readers and allow them to learn more about what.”

You should also show off your personality in your posts if that’s something you feel comfortable doing on social media (or at least try it out!). 

It doesn’t matter if it’s funny or serious. Remember that you must include yourself in some way when creating content on Instagram. After all, it makes everything more personal. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Show Some Care!

Showing some care is the simplest form of commenting! Many people follow this rule if you look closely at the comments. 

You can use simple comments like:

  • “I love you!”
  • “I hope you are doing well.”
  • “You look healthy and happy. “
  • “I think you’re enjoying your tour.”

Sometimes Being Specific Is Enough!

Sometimes all you have to do is be specific. Using the comments like:

“Good job” or “Nice” can save you when you have nothing to say—one other way to stay specific as to what you like about their post. 

You may like the lighting in their photo that caught your eye, or you like how it captured their subject’s personality through their choice of filters, or you like that they look happy in the picture they have posted.

Stay Honest And Give Constructive feedback!

Take this comment idea a little lightly. Being honest doesn’t mean you have to be harsh. You must do so in a way that’s both respectful and constructive. Do not post negative comments or anything that could seem rude or mean-spirited. 

If you like the picture, you can comment, “I like the picture” or “You look beautiful.” If you don’t like the picture, don’t post comments just for the sake of posting them. It doesn’t do anything useful about what someone has said on their Instagram account. So, don’t respond at all if you don’t feel like commenting.

Ask A Question, But With Answers In Mind!

You can ask questions thought out ahead of time and post them as a comment. But, If you’re going to ask a question, make sure there’s an answer in mind.

Also, write down the questions that make it relevant to the post itself and not just something you want to know about or it just sounds cool or interesting. 

You should also be prepared for the possibility that no one has an answer–and if they do, they may not share it with everyone reading their comment section. A perfect example of this:

  •  “I don’t know if anyone else knows this…”

Be Respectful!

Show some respect for people’s time and space. That’s what good commenters will do. Don’t try to be a spammer, don’t bombard people with constant updates, and don’t just post nonsense. 

Instagram has a strict policy against harassment on its platform. So you should not try not to cross any lines. It’s better not to try anything creepy or weird than to risk getting banned from using the app altogether. 

If someone reports you for inappropriate behavior online, Instagram can suspend your account or permanently block it and spare you from opening another account.

Be A Positive Change!

Social media is full of negativity, but it is also a powerful tool if used properly. Whether you want to comment on someone else’s photo or share your thoughts with the world, keep your comments positive and inspiring.

Saying “Good day, everyone.” or “Best wishes” transpires positive vibes. So keep it simple and positive. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of social media–especially when it comes to Instagram comments! You can always find comment fights here and there. But remember: social media doesn’t exist in isolation from real life. 

You will hurt real people behind those comments if you post something negative. It can affect them deeply. So, when you post something negative on Instagram, think about how it might affect the person receiving the comment before hitting “send.”

Respond to Posts With Emojis!

You have no words, no problem, that’s okay! We all live in an existing world, but in those times, we have emojis to save us. Instagram provides us with plenty of emojis that we can use for commenting. Suppose you like a picture of someone’s pet. You can comment:

  • “❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤”

It takes no creativity. With a few clicks on your keyboard, you are ready to sail for the next comment.

Use More Than One Word!

While it’s true that many people will reply with just one word like 

  • “Thanks!” or “Awesome.”

Try to use more than one sentence when responding! If someone asks questions in their comments or makes a tag for your post or video, take advantage of this opportunity by replying with some substance. It shows that their opinion matters enough for you to take time out of whatever else is going on in your routine.

Wrapping Up!

You can make a comment on Instagram to spread positivity and enthusiasm. Try to play with the comment ideas for friends Instagram or someone else, and you will become used to it. Instagram is a great place to meet new people, and comments are the basics of it. So, try out some of these Instagram post comment ideas! You’ll be surprised to know how much people like your comments. 

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