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Top 5 Best Budget Smartphones For $200-$250 in 2023

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Top 5 Best Budget Smartphones under 200 usd

In this article, we are going to be giving you my list on the top five best flagship smartphones that you could find in the $200 price range.

Top quality phones under $200

Honor 8c honor 8c mobile price
BLU – V91 128GB (Unlocked) – Black$189.99
Verizon Prepaid – Samsung Galaxy A12 32GB Prepaid – Black$139.99
Samsung – Galaxy A12 32GB(Unlocked) – Black$179.99
Verizon Prepaid – Samsung Galaxy A02 with 32GB Memory Prepaid Cell Phone – Black$89.99
Apple – Pre-Owned iPhone 7 with 128GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) – Silver$179.99
TracFone – Motorola moto e Prepaid$59.99

So I want to start off with my newest budget smartphone that is the Honor 8C

Honor 8c

Honor 8c Price USA

Honor 8c is a new smartphone by Honor, the price of 8c in USA is USD 125, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of 8c in USA with detailed specifications and features.

  • Price In USA: $125
  • Price 4GB+64GB: $140

The Huawei Honor 8C is an Android Smartphone powered by EMUI 8.2 based on Android 8.1 Oreo and 13MP + 2MP dual rear camera with LED flash.

Honor 7C Vs Honor 8C

When it comes to the newest HONOR mid-range smartphone, the HONOR 8C, designers can’t really compare it to its predecessor, the HONOR 7C. Let’s compare and contrast to discover how far HONOR has progressed throughout the advancement of the C-series phones i.e Honor 7C vs Honor 8C. Checkout honor 8c mobile price.

  • Display

The HONOR 7C features a 5.99-inch HONOR Fhd+ display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. It broadens your views and provides a much more lively visual experience while reading, watching videos, or playing games. The next generation of mobile phones has a larger screen design. The HONOR 8C, with its realistic 6.26″ HD display and elegant frame, lets you be seen on a display that folds up in one hand. However, they don’t appear to vary much in terms of screen resolution. Both have a density of 269 PPI.

  • Performance

Comparing Honor 7c vs Honor 8c, Honor now offers a smooth, flawless, and long-lasting gaming experience, the HONOR is built with a 14nm octa-core Snapdragon 450 processor, strong Adreno 506 Graphics, 3GB RAM, and SmartPower 5.0 technology. The HONOR 8C is also the world’s largest first smartphone to have an octa-core Snapdragon 632 CPU with Adreno 506 GPU, resulting in significant performance gains. This high-performance processor is optimized for rapid web surfing, fluid user – friendly, and long battery life.

  • Battery

Its battery is indeed a significant upgrade. The HONOR 7C’s 3000mAh (typical) battery is stated to be built for endurance, retaining above 80percent of its energy also after 500 full recharges. The HONOR 8C, on the other hand, comes with a large 4,000mAh battery. Along with its large 4,000mAh battery, the phone’s overall energy performance is enhanced.

  • Features

On comparing Honor 7c vs Honor 8c, we discover that Face Recognition is supported on both devices, however, the HONOR 8C seems quicker. The HONOR 8C now enables face to unlock in limited circumstances thanks to the recent LCD Light Compensation function. Simply raise and glance to instantly unlock! Another peculiar characteristic of the HONOR 8C is that it can provide you with an uninterrupted gaming experience. When you enable the advanced Do Not Disturb feature, it prevents messages, alarms, and phone calls from disturbing your game.

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Honor 50 Lite vs Realme X7 max

Honor and Oppo are both great competitors in the market and are surprising the audience with their advancing technologies in their upcoming projects The following factors will determine a better choice to understand the comparison between honor 50 Lite vs Realme X7 max

  • Dimensions

Honor 50 Lite and Realme X7 max have almost identical dimensions with minimal difference i.e161.8×74.7×8.5mm and 158.50×73.30×8.40mm respectively. Honor accounts for 190grams of weight whereas Realme accounts for 179grams. Honor 50 lite accounts for 7% slimmer than Realme X7 max. 

  • CPU Performance 

Honor 50 Lite has an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor whereas Realme X7 max has cortex A78 cores. Under this point, Honor50 lite leads it way ahead of Realme X7 max

  • Camera

Honor 50 Lite provides us with the main camera of 108 MP, 8MP, 2MP. In addition, a LED flash, HDR, and panorama while Realme X7 Max has a 64 MP, 8MP, 2MP camera, and dual-LED, HDR, panorama.

  • Charging

Realme X7 Max has a 4500mah battery and supports 50W fast charging whereas Honor 50 Lite has a battery 4300 mah battery with 66W fast charging. 

  • Bluetooth 

Realme aX7 max accounts for 5.1, A2DP, LE aptX HD while in Honor 50 lite it has a 5.2 A2DP, LE, aptX HD that makes honor 50 lite ahead.

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OnePlus 7 Pro

  • So this is around $250. Every premium design on here it’s a glass and metal design and just feels great technically.
  • It does not have an IP rating but it is you know you can get away it won’t break. You do have one here which is the best feature.
  • 6.67 inch fluid amulet 90 hertz display. It is HDR 10 Plus it’s 1440 p 516. For the PPI overall just a beautiful display.
  • And the unique thing of course is that it is a full screen display, no punch hole, no notch, very slim bezels.
  • It is a curved display. So it really feels like you’re holding a screen in your hand.
  • And you also have the high refresh rate on here as well which I think is the only phone on this list with a high refresh rate.
  • So just awesome experience on top of Oxygen OS when Android 11 with the Snapdragon 855 monitoring no 640 it really blows through I teaching iOS it’s very fast still.
  • And you also have great gaming performance as well you can play most games at high settings. You do not have any SD card support.
  • Unfortunately, you’d have 128 gigs of internal storage and six gigs of RAM on here.

So this phone also has stereo speakers, which sound pretty good, the good bass quality they get pretty loud pretty good haptic feedback on this one, no headphone jack, unfortunately, One Plus seven pro also have NFC in a under the display fingerprint sensor which is very fast on top of the face on a log.

Now, this phone actually gets a pretty good battery life at 4000 milliamps and it charges pretty fast with a 30-watt warp charge. So overall One Plus seven Pro is definitely a phone that should take a look at now.

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Samsung Galaxy S 10

Next is the Samsung Galaxy S 10. Because we have not talked about it you know when it lists so far, so this phone is really awesome around $238 For the price point, and it’s just an awesome device so far.

  • So you have an aluminum frame on here, glass back.
  • It’s also IP 68 I love the feel of this phone. Very slim, very nice to feel I think it’s still like very good looking phone.
  • On here you have the dynamic amyloid display HDR 10 Plus at 6.1 inches. This one actually has a very sharp display at four 1445 5040 ppi and it has a slight curve to it very slim bezels with the poncho.
  • I really like the display it’s very bright, very colorful. And I just enjoy watching content playing games on this phone I really like the screen size.
  • So you do have Android 11 One UI three point no Snapdragon 855 and Adreno 641 here so again, performance is going to be really fast on here and you also have great gaming performance as well.

You also have micro SD support 128 gigs of internal storage, and actually eight gigs of RAM when the base model so plenty around for multitasking and stuff like that. It also has stereo speakers onboard which sound amazing. And you also keep the headphone jack on this guy too.

You do have NFC on board of course with your under the display fingerprint sensor which is very fast. So I absolutely you know had zero issues with the speed of it or the accuracy and you can also take advantage of face-on lock. This has all the bells and whistles like Samsung desktop support the reverse wireless charging on here as well which is really cool. And I think the s 10 also has very good cameras it’s pretty much the same on par with the S 10 E.

So the only difference is that you have a telephoto lens so you have a 12 megapixel standard 12-megapixel telephoto and then a 16-megapixel ultra-wide issue shooting out 4k And then you have a 10-megapixel selfie cam that shoots in 4k over as you can see from the images of just excellent image quality, very clean shots on here pretty good color as well. Dynamic Range just fine the ultra-wide is good too.

Few More Best Phone Under $250 USD to Buy this Month

  1. Motorola Moto G – Power the best battery life
  2. Nokia G20 – Excellent value with modern looks
  3. Samsung Galaxy A12 – OneUI for cheap
  4. Motorola Moto G – Fast sturdy built and solid specs
  5. Motorola Moto G – Pure the new entry-level Moto phone
  6. TCL 20SE TCL’s – Affordable offering
  7. Nokia 3.4 – An irresistibly low price combined with nice specs


Honor has been one of the leading suppliers of smartphones with advancing innovations in its concept and upcoming projects. They are ahead of every tech in some or the other way making their brand a luxury. They are still working to enhance more quality in their projects.

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