How Can Startups Hire The Best App Development Team At A Low Cost

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In 2022, startups were no longer only about innovative ideas. They focus on bringing ideas to life. A terrific app concept that is just situated in the planner is considerably less valuable than an average idea that is really effectively realized. Companies are now much more concerned with selecting the best mobile app development team to transform their vision into a reality. 

Statistics from CBI Insights show that improper team selection accounts for 23% of business failures. Finding engineers for startups may be difficult and expensive. 

Here in this article, we will guide you through hiring the best team for App Development for Startups.

Best Ways to Hire the Best App Development Team At A Low Cost

1. Through Social Media Platforms

There are many social media platforms available in the market that will help hire the perfect tech team for your work.  

Look over the profiles quickly, then contact the applicants. Numerous businesses have used these more recent methods of hiring developers. Companies hire mobile app developers from well-known social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Dribble, and Jobstow. 

But sadly, the main disadvantage of recruiting developers through social networking channels is incorrect data representation. Furthermore, it’s possible that some of the most qualified applicants don’t have online profiles because they believe that these platforms are inappropriate for job searching.

2. By Freelancing Websites 

The simplest approach out of all the options is to visit the freelancing platforms website and contact the developers directly. One unique advantage of the freelance website is the nice classification of all the developers. Additionally, you might learn a little bit about each developer. Also, considering each developer’s rating might help you decide which one you should hire for your next project. For instance, you can search GitHub for developers to work on your project. 

Even though hiring engineers via a freelance website is much more manageable, there is still a considerable risk involved. On the other hand, these freelance websites are unreliable. As previously said, certain developers work on projects following their availability. Additionally, using these services to hire a group of engineers is challenging. Sometimes they even tend to abandon your project in the middle, leaving you in disarray.

3. Outsourcing Company 

You can start searching for an experienced outsourcing app development company to get a custom solution based on your business needs. They provide a team of developers in accordance with your needs. For instance, if you specifically need developers for native apps, they will provide you with native app development experts. The same holds true for developing hybrid apps. 

They have a pool of developers for web development or mobile app development. They also have a team of designers, QA testers, and project managers who are available for hire on full-time or part-time basis. Companies that offer outsourcing services have a structured staff of developers, making it sometimes simple for clients to browse through the resumes, interview and hire them. 

Steps To Hire Developers For Startups

You need an action plan when you need to recruit developers for your startup rapidly. The procedure is outlined in the following steps:

1) Identify Your Business’s Needs

Every startup is different, and this holds true for the kind of resources you are looking for. Consider why you require the services of an IT developer. Are you launching a fresh app idea and in need of developers to create an MVP right away? Do you need iOS developers to submit an app to the App Store? Some firms might already have a core group of developers working on their apps, but they might need more specialists who are conversant with cutting-edge technologies to build apps with specific requirements. 

Your requirements for hiring dedicated app developers will depend on your list of criteria. After reading this, you’ll better understand where to look and how much you’ll have to pay for their services.

2) Choose The Engagement Model

You must choose the kind of employment arrangement needed for the hired developers once you are clear about your company’s needs. That needs to be accurate. There are several choices available and so, you should identify what kind of requirements do you have. 

The project-based paradigm is something you should take into account if you’re working on a small project.  

Choose the dedicated team model if you don’t yet have a clear vision of how your product will function. In this, the group of developers will be assigned to work solely on your project.  

Now, you should choose the third option, the extended team, if you already have an internal team. It’s more about hiring IT specialists to fill in the skill gaps.

3) Select a country to hire from

For startups, it’s crucial to hire developers from the appropriate location. Although some nations are more affordable than others, the issues like language barriers and time zones should be considered. You should seek out developers who can work with you and can communicate in your language, are competent in their field, and aren’t overly expensive. The Mobile App Development Cost varies in every region. Select the place where you easily meet your financial and technical needs.   

4) Finding the Required Experts

It’s best to conduct your search for startup business entrepreneurs. If you’re seeking developers who work with various collaboration models, the best places to start are talent marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru. You can find yourself working with job agencies, which can be expensive and may not always meet your needs.

You can hire a skilled dedicated app developer to help you achieve your business objectives. It can be a good idea to explain your requirements to experienced professionals and hire the right one. 

5) Verify Their Skills

When selecting freelancers or an IT development firm, you must thoroughly investigate their backgrounds. You must confirm whether they possess the claimed jobs to they can handle your job well. You must ensure the developers have soft skills like communication, teamwork, anticipation, and technical knowledge. Clear communication between you and the developer is essential for achieving success. Ensure that there is a common forum for discussion and that language is not a barrier. 

6) Conduct an Interview 

How can you be confident that applicants have the necessary hard and soft skills for the position? Holding personal interviews is the best strategy. Ask the candidates to discuss their prior experience working on projects. You can tell if someone is enthusiastic about what they do by their actions.  

Make a list of inquiries to assess how the candidate responds in challenging circumstances. After that, select the best person or team for the job. 

7) Start The Work  

After you’re happy, you can then offer the position to the shortlisted candidates. Make sure that both the parties accept the conditions of the contracts. You should provide the developer with a starting work order and specific instructions on what needs to be done.

Final Words

It can take time for early-stage startups to get the right developers for their project. There needs to be more room to stand for startup entrepreneurs to choose the finest developer for their app for startups. Send us an email with your hiring requirements if you want to avoid dealing with the pain of hiring engineers for your startup; LJ Innovate will be happy to help.

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