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Best 25+ AngularJs Development Company in US 2022 – Top Angular Companies

This article lists down the best Angularjs web development company in the United States. The world of Angular development has come a...

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angularjs web development company in usa

This article lists down the best Angularjs web development company in the United States. The world of Angular development has come a long way in the last few years, and the market now hosts a number of new names and entrants. Stay with us as we look at the companies using angular in a development technology stack.

The world is changing, and so are the technologies we use to access the internet and communicate with each other. However, even with these changes, Angular JS remains one of the most trusted and best web development technologies to be used over the internet. Software developers rely on open-source technology, and organizations want their applications to be developed using it. 

Angular JS is regulated by Google, and there are a number of companies that help provide development services based on this technology. In this article, we take a look at a list of the top angular development companies in 2022. 

This article lists down the top Angular Development companies in the United States. The world of Angular development has come a long way in the last few years, and the market now hosts several new names and entrants. Stay with us as we look at the top companies.

Top Angular Development Companies in the California, United States

1. HourlyDeveloper: Next-gen Tech Company

Work with a leading team of Developers, Designers, Testers, and Business Analysts who have successfully developed 850+ web & mobile app solutions. HourlyDeveloper is popularly known as a game-changer in the software development industry. They work with global brands, startups, and entrepreneurs to re-imagine and transform their businesses through Digital technology. 

The company is driven by a strong workforce of 120+ employees. They have strengthened their position in the market by delivering top-notch services and solutions in the software development domain. They are mainly known for their unique industry-based consulting approach which helps companies to build more innovative and efficient businesses. The services provided by the company include IT consulting, software development, and managed services.

2. Innowise Group – Best Angular Development Company

Innovise is an Angular development firm that specializes in web development, CMS development, mobile app development, software development. The firm collaborates with some of the world’s most well-known brands worldwide. The firm helps businesses transform into streamlined, supportive and proactive operations through software development. 

Innovise Group is a successful Angular Web Development Company in the US, configuring high-performance PHP Development Services with design solutions for global and domestic customers.

They have been dealing with angular Development Services and gained the trust and loyalty of valued clients by offering innovative, unique, and attractive solutions to maximize their business growth.

3. Hirefullstackdeveloper – Best Angular JS Development Company

HirefullstackdeveloperIndia is a web & mobile app development company based in India & USA. They have an expert team of 150+  employees who hold deep expertise in developing custom software development, web and mobile app development services.  

Their domain experience and expertise in JavaScript technologies, make them a distinguished service provider when it comes to providing AngularJS development services. Their dedication and commitment to delivering top-notch products reflect their business ethos and their metrics of success are meeting client goals which is enabling them to proliferate in the market. The company’s principles and approach towards building futuristic solutions have helped them build a dedicated client base around the world, positioning them as a key AngularJS Development company. 

4. is a growing platform with a number of on-demand solutions for clients. They provide experts in Angular who can take over your development project and provide a long list of benefits. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Cost Reduction: can help reduce costs by helping you use the best cost-effective technology stack. Professionals hired from the platform also take charge of your development process and make sure there are no errors involved in the process, which can increase the cost of development and lead to additional charges. 
  • Enhanced App Security: The solutions provided by will enhance the security of your apps. Their professionals use top solutions and techniques with NDA. 
  • All-round Development: The development solutions provided by are focused on all aspects of the process. The process includes development in .Net MVC, .Net Core or Asp.Net using all latest versions of Angular. 

5. iTechArt – Angular development services

Since the inception of Angular in 2010, iTechArt has been delivering angular-based solutions to all types of industries. From web development, UI services to SPAs and migrations, iTechArt is specialized in all types of Angular development services. The developers here are updated with all the latest changes, updates, and features of the Angular framework and are working to learn more and more. 

iTechArt, not just offers additional developers to extend your team, instead, gives you access to 200+ experts with frontend knowledge. This is how the company ensures perfect development for your solution.

6. Codal – Angular Digital Solutions Partner

Codal is among the top Angular development companies that are empowering businesses with powerful UX/UI design. The company has accelerated Fortune 500 clients with its expert Angular development features.

 It is well known to deliver customized product design as demanded by the organizations for the longevity of the applications. Codal has helped its clients in ecommerce development, data strategy, service design, microservice architecture, modernization, and a lot more. 

Codal promises to work together with your team to deliver market-ready solutions that solve real-time problems.

7. Belitsoft

Belitsoft is a reliable software development company that covers expertise in Android development across multiple solutions. The company provides expertise in a number of platforms, including Angular JS. The company has helped startups, non-profits, and other organizations move their business to the digital world and benefit from the advances on offer. 

80 percent of the clients for Belitsoft come from the USA, UK, Europe, and Israel. Almost 50 plus applications are developed from scratch, making it the most popular and comprehensive solution for Angular development in the United States. 

8. App Maisters Inc

App Maisters Inc is ranked among the top-performing app development companies in the United States. The solution provides a cost-effective solution that can help evolve to different marketplaces. The good thing about App Maisters Inc is that they have interacted and worked with clients from all over the world. They have helped improve the bottom line for clients and give them a solution that they can hold to for ages. 

The company has worked with organizations in different industries including oil and gas, health care, transportation, ecommerce, entertainment, financial services, and others of nature. The platform is also recognized by top influencers. 

9. Rising Max 

Rising Max is another app development company that is making quite a few rounds in the industry today. The company has its headquarters in the United States and also has offices in Dubai. The company has grown over time and is a pro at Angular development. Their app solutions are focused on interactive UI with specialized services for dedicated development. 

10. Fortunesoft

Fortunesoft is another renowned name in the Angular development sector. The experts from the company promise to deliver lightweight, scalable and intuitive web mobile apps using Angular. 

Fortunesoft is well known to build robust and secure applications by the developers who adhere to the best development practices. The team here comprises qualified and certified Angular developers who craft cross-platform apps with the best UI design and patterns using extraordinary features of the latest Angular version.

The company has experience in building apps from various sectors including video streaming apps, user-review websites, e-learning apps, digital payments apps, etc.

11. Suffescom 

Suffescom is also located in the United States and is headquartered in California. The company has been operational for years and has invested heavily in developing trending solutions that users can use for a long time to come. 

Additionally, Suffescom is also known to provide reliable deadlines, which they follow at all costs. Their varied list of clients and the extensive range of development projects and services is enough to reflect their experience in the industry and the level of professionalism they have. 

12. Quisitive

Quisitive solution is a top android development company located in Texas, which specializes in Angular development for emerging companies and startups. The company offers a wide range of UI/UX design initiatives and software development solutions that can be incorporated into your system. 

Quisitive relies on leading solutions to ensure that all users are satisfied and have the best possible services available. The company has highly skilled Angular developers who know the secret formula to build killer apps and can help deliver on your expectations. 

13. Mind inventory

MindInventory has years of experience in providing AngularJS development service for all types of web applications. They have a team of proficient Angular developers who use the latest resources and tools to deliver end-to-end AngularJS development solutions.

From music and video streaming apps to e-commerce and marketplaces, to social networking app development, MindInventory is the best IT partner for all your web development needs. Whether it’s a learning platform or a simple custom widget or an interactive dashboard, the team’s expertise lies in all.

14. Door3

Door3 is a well-established IT consultancy firm based out of New York. From technology consulting, software development to UX/UI design, this organization helps its clients in all spheres of business. 

Door3 is considered as one of the best Angular development companies in the US as it has a trustworthy clientele across major industries. The team works extensively on Angular JS and other latest versions to deliver scalable modular web apps that meet your business needs.

15. Mentormate

Mentormate has years of avid experience in mobile, web, and frontend development. The company has been using the Angular JS framework since it was launched and has acquired a lot of experience in working with clients from all types of industries. Mentormate has partnered with developers across the globe to offer best-in-class solutions to its customers on demand. Their development team knows exactly when, how, and where to use all the modern frontend tools and platforms like Angular. 

16. Experion Technologies

Experion Technologies has been delivering intuitive UX/UI design added with impeccable customer experience using the Angular JS framework for years now. The company’s 350+ experts have created digital solutions for over 100+ clients across industries such as finance, retail, supply chain, and health. It is now counted among the top Angular development companies as a result of its clientele comprising of many profound companies. The team works with enterprises, startups, SMEs, etc. to help them bring their ideas to life. 

17. Fingent

Fingent Corp is a web and mobile development services company in the Us with many branch offices in other countries. The team of 250+ developers specializes in web development and custom software development for mid-market and enterprise firms. Angular Js development is one of the major expertise of the company and has provided clients with many user-friendly and market-ready solutions 

All of these providers offer comprehensive Angular development services and can be approached for your development tasks. Reach out to them today for services in the industry. 

18. Konstantinfo

Konstantinfo provides services that are different from those offered by the other providers in the industry. It offers a customer-oriented approach, which helps prioritize clients and gives them the services they require. 

The Angular development services offered by them happen to be some of the best in the industry and include a full suite of development under one roof. The company is headquartered in California and is trusted to be reliable. 


All of these providers offer comprehensive Angular development services and can be approached for your development tasks. Reach out to them today for services in the industry. 

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