How to Make Paid Ads Work for B2B Marketing | B2B Paid Media Strategy

There is a common misconception that paid ads primarily generate interest in the context of consumer marketing, yet fail in other contexts....

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There is a common misconception that paid ads primarily generate interest in the context of consumer marketing, yet fail in other contexts. The truth is paid ads also generate a solid return on investment in the context of business-to-business marketing, commonly shortened to the abbreviation B2B marketing. The challenge lies in figuring out how, exactly, to use paid ads for success in marketing a value offering to another business rather than a consumer.

Strategically Use Paid B2B Ads 

When it comes to connecting with other businesses through paid ads, short-term promotions tend to provide a meaningful strategic advantage. Keep in mind, the B2B conversion funnel is lengthy, meaning it might take a month or even several months to transition a prospect into a paying client. 

If you have a short-term promotion in the works, be it a discount, new product, a new location opening or something else to promote that will present the business in a positive light, tie it into your paid ads on search engines, social media, streaming video and beyond. The short-term promotion will get your value offering into the spotlight, creating a sense of urgency that helps connect your businesses with others that much more efficiently than would otherwise be possible.

Use Paid Ads Across Multiple Channels

Though paid ads on the web are certainly important, they are only one piece to the marketing puzzle. Expand your paid ads beyond search engines and social media, and extend your reach to those who use Connected TV (CTV) for streaming content. Target decision-makers with paid ads on streaming video content, the internet and through other channels. Be patient and you’ll maximize your reach in due time. Just be sure to key in on the content that decision-makers are most likely to consume for optimal engagement with members of your target audience. 

Continue to expand your reach across new channels, enhance the quality of your ads with images, embedded video and other niceties and you’ll heighten engagement along with subsequent conversions all the more. In particular, B2B video marketing will prove especially helpful in establishing meaningful connections with decision-makers and others in positions of power at targeted businesses.

Maximize the Impact of Social Media Paid Ads

Nowadays, nearly every business, business owner, manager and employee uses social media. In particular, businesses and professionals are likely to have a presence on Facebook. Your business can connect with others including those who make decisions for businesses through Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Use any one of Facebook’s video ad formats and you’ll be impressed with the high return on investment. Facebook makes it easy to zero in on the platform’s users that are most likely to need or desire your company’s product or service, providing custom-tailored brand exposure that cannot be achieved on competing platforms.

Keep It Simple With Google

When in doubt, advertise with paid ads on Google. The vast majority of web users view advertisements on Google simply because the search giant makes it easy to find information with a couple of keystrokes and clicks. If you are marketing a B2B product, service or another value offering of any sort, choose Google Display Network for your ads and you’ll expand your reach to the right audience. 

Google’s Display Network is a golden opportunity to zero in on your business’s target audience through several platforms in a highly strategic manner. The network empowers you to view ads as text boxes or banners on pages where decision-makers are most likely to view them while surfing the web and reading the news online. Others will view your ads while using a Google application or watching a video on YouTube. The broad yet still targeted exposure heightens engagement with the optimal audience at the right moments in time to maximize engagement and conversions.

Make the Most of Every Opportunity With Retargeting

Try B2B remarketing and you’ll make the most of the effort to connect with and convert potential customers into paying clients, some of whom will remain loyal to your company for years or decades to come. Retargeting, also known as remarketing, zeroes in on those who visited your company’s website or another component of your web footprint. These interested parties are identified for future targeting as they are more inclined to return to your site or consider your value offering if presented with a personalized ad.

Remarketing’s personalized ads are shown after the customer initially learns about the company or its products online. As long as the landing page that greets retargeted web surfers is engaging, informative and facilitates conversion, you’ll find paid ads through remarketing are worth every penny and then some.

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