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ArticleGPT Review: Fact-based and SEO-friendly?

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Written by Niel Patel · 4 min read >
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ArticleGPT by HIX.AI is an hallucination-free, fact-based, and SEO-Friendly long-form content generator that can craft completely original content for a wide range of use cases in a matter of seconds. From news articles, how-to guides, product reviews, general articles product roundups, and more, this AI blog content generator can handle it all. 

This means that you won’t need to spend so much time, effort, and even money trying to put together engaging articles consistently. In addition, this writing assistant can even generate keyword-optimized content with all text guaranteed to be factually accurate and grammatically correct.

Plus, the way this writing tool works is very simple. All you need to do is head over to the HIX.AI website and input the type of article that you would like to generate. You will then need to choose your desired topic, word count, tone of voice, target audience, language, etc. 

Based on this information, the tool will instantly generate an article outline for your review. You can edit and revise the outline’s structure until you are satisfied, at which point, you can hit the ‘Generate’ button and within seconds, it will produce a fully-fledged article that can be exported to a local Word document file or Google Docs.

What Features Does ArticleGPT from HIX.AI Offer?

ArticleGPT shines over most other article-writing tools because it helps with well-researched, fact-checked and SEO-friendly articles backed by credible references. To start with, users can tailor their content to fit their desired tone of voice, which ensures that the content is being conveyed to the intended audience in the best possible way.

Furthermore, all content generated by this tool is guaranteed to be completely error-free and logically coherent due to its use of state-of-the-art article generation technology. The platform also ensures that any information included in the articles is pulled from reputable and vetted online sources to ensure that everything is 100% fact-based and up-to-date.

In addition, HIX.AI only generates articles that are completely original and plagiarism-free, which means that you won’t need to worry about dealing with infringement of any kind. On top of that, ArticleGPT can instantly create SEO-optimized articles that are geared to your specified keywords, which makes it easy to craft content that ranks high on SERPs.

ArticleGPT is also unique in that it can provide users with multiple content generation options across various fields. Whether you are writing a blog article, posting a job ad, writing a lengthy marketing email, or even crafting an essay, you can check the site of HIX.AI to generate the type of fact-based article writing that you need.

What is HIX.AI’s ArticleGPT Pricing?

If you want to access the ArticleGPT writing tool, you will need to subscribe to HIX.AI’s Pro plan, which will cost you $39.99/month. With this plan, you will be able to generate up to a maximum of 600,000 words on GPT-3.5. Users will also have full access to the wide range of features that the tool has to offer, as well as the other 120+ content writing tools that are available on HIX.AI. 

So, while the monthly cost may be a bit high, especially for first-time users, the good news is that you will benefit from an extensive range of other writing tools that should help you optimize numerous content writing tasks, as well. In short, the cost of using HIX.AI can offer you more bang for your buck, compared to other article writing tools out there.

Who Is ArticleGPT by HIX.AI For?

HIX.AI’s ArticleGPT tool is highly versatile in that it can be used by a wide range of users across various industries, fields, and disciplines. Some of the most common people that would find this article writing tool helpful include:

Freelancers and bloggers: With the help of ArticleGPT, users can brainstorm content ideas should they find themselves stuck and unable to craft a long-form article. You will also be able to edit the generated outlines to polish the drafts further, which ensures that you can consistently produce insightful and relevant content pieces.

Business owners and marketers: ArticleGPT can be a great tool that enables e-commerce brands and marketers to craft plagiarism-free and SEO-optimized content that will enable them to increase visibility on search engines and attract audiences that can be converted into promising leads.

Researchers and students: This writing tool can be a great resource for those who need help with crafting fact-based essays and white papers that are 100% plagiarism-free. Using ArticleGPT, it becomes easy to generate useful drafts that can be expanded upon to produce content that is both engaging and insightful to read.

What Are The Pros of Using ArticleGPT?

As mentioned before, one of the main benefits of ArticleGPT is that it offers a ton of supported use cases, which means that you can essentially generate any type of long-form content that you can think of. This paired with the fact that you can tailor the content to cater to your preferred topic, tone of voice, word count, language, and more, makes it an extremely valuable tool.

In addition, the use of this tool can be a great way to save yourself a lot of time and effort crafting bulk content. After all, all it takes is a few clicks and within seconds, you will have fully-fledged content drafts that you can revise or expand upon. This will ensure that you can produce bulk content at a consistent rate without compromising the quality.

Aside from that, ArticleGPT has a wide range of features and functionalities that most other article-writing tools in the market fail to provide. SEO optimization, language translation, plagiarism check, SEO Audits, and even Grammarly Integration, are a few of the many unique benefits that HIX.AI successfully offers in one convenient place.

Another major advantage of this tool is that the user interface is extremely simple to use, compared to other alternatives out there. This makes it an ideal option for first-time users who have little to no experience using AI writers to optimise their daily workflows.

What Are The Cons of Using ArticleGPT?

As useful as this tool may be, it isn’t perfect. There are still a few downsides that must be considered. For starters, accessing ArticleGPT can be a challenge for users who may be on a limited budget. Given that HIX.AI only allows users who pay for the pro plan to use this writing tool, it can be very discouraging for those who may want to use it but don’t want or can’t commit to the pro plan’s monthly pricing structure.

Another important consideration is that while the tool does offer SEO-content optimization, this part of the tool could be improved, as it still falls short of other SEO tools in the market. Given that it is an article writer first, this may not be a deal breaker but the tool could be much better if it offered a few extra features such as access to metrics like search volume and competition.


Overall, ArticleGPT is an excellent writing assistant for long-form content. It has a ton of useful features to offer in one neat little package, not to mention, that it is very reliable when it comes to generating content that is both fact-based and plagiarism-free. But like any AI-writing tool, it can’t be used to completely replace human emotion and creativity.

At the end of the day, these tools can help provide you with the article drafts that you need but you should not make the mistake of simply publishing whatever it generates. You need to review the content and make sure that it doesn’t lack the necessary character and personality it needs to keep readers engaged.

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