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25 Carbon Tracking App | Top Apps for Keeping Track Of Your Carbon Footprint

Start making a positive impact on the environment. Track your carbon footprint and discover how to lessen it with these Android and...

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The rapid increase in the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide is badly affecting our environment and our planet. According to Statista, the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels reached a high of 416.45 parts per million in 2021 as compared to the 1960 levels, which raised at about 316.91 parts per million. We human contributes more towards the greenhouse gases through our everyday actions. From travelling to eating, to shopping, and consuming other environmental natural resources, the release of C02 is significantly increasing. However, with the help of innovative and friendly mobile apps, we can lead a sustainable life by tracking our carbon footprint. There are various mobile apps available on Google and the App store that helps us to calculate our carbon emission in various aspects of our lives. 

So what is basically a carbon footprint? 

The amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere with the actions taken by a particular person or other entity (e.g. building, country, corporation, etc.) is referred to as carbon footprint. It includes direct emissions from fossil-fuel combustion in manufacturing, heating, and transportation, as well as emissions associated with the production of electricity for goods and services consumed.

So, now let’s start exploring the top mobile apps that help users in keeping track of their carbon footprints.

Best 10 Carbon Tracker App

  1. Sprocket Green
  2. MyEarth
  3. Carbon Footprint and CO2 Tracker
  4. Klima
  5. Adva
  6. JouleBug
  7. Earth Hero
  8. Joro
  9. Pawprint
  10. Aerial

The top 10 carbon footprint tracking apps

1. Sprocket Green – app to track carbon footprint

Sprocket Green - app to track carbon footprint
Sprocket Green – app to track carbon footprint

Sprocket Green is one of the best carbon emission calculation apps that allows users to calculate the number of carbon emissions produced by their devices over a specific period of time. Users may now accurately calculate their carbon footprints and take control of their carbon footprints. The purpose of the Sprocket Green app is to assist users to safeguard the environment by using their gadgets responsibly and reduce the damage done to the ozone layer. Sprocket Green also raises awareness about all types of carbon emissions, for which they have a dedicated literature section within the app. Users can read about the consequences of carbon emissions and how to reduce them. Users can get authentic carbon footprint calculations that are consistent and accurate using the Sprocket Green calculator. Sprocket Green is our top pick for calculating, reducing, and offsetting carbon footprints. 

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MyEarth – carbon tracker app

2. MyEarth – carbon tracker app

MyEarth is a carbon footprint tracking app that enables users to track their carbon emissions by setting up and checking off daily activities in a diary.

The app comprises five different categories including travel, recycling, electricity, food, and usage. Users can perform different activities such as recycling a milk bottle, installing a high-efficiency toilet, saving water, and much more.

When a user login app, a polar bear grips to a tiny iceberg. The iceberg starts to grow when users accumulate saved carbon units. Moreover, the app contains a diary-like format where users can select their day-to-day activities to track their carbon footprint.

The goal of this app is to help users understand and prioritize energy-saving activities. 

3. Carbon Footprint and CO2 Tracker – carbon footprint tracker app

Carbon Footprint and CO2 Tracker is an easy and free-to-install CO2 tracker app that helps users to know more about daily carbon emissions from mobility and dietary choices. It enables users to live a sustainable lifestyle. Users will be able to keep track of their journey modes and estimated journey times with the help of the GPS-based algorithm of this app. Whether you’re travelling, riding, or biking, this app will calculate your CO2 emissions by using your GPS information (with your permission). With the help of this, users can get a deep insight into their Carbon footprint from travelling. Furthermore, the app offers weekly update learning sections regarding carbon-conscious travelling, food choices, and climate changes. This app is truly the best for tracking, reducing, and removing daily CO2 emissions

4. Klima – carbon tracking app

Klima is an instant climate and carbon counterbalance app that is ideal for calculating your carbon footprint. It will neutralize 100% of your CO2e emissions in just three minutes. Through the Klima app, users can find suggestions based on food, transport, and lifestyle changes and get alternative solutions for them. Klima provides personalized tips and ideas from their climate checklist. The app offers great features such as calculating the carbon footprint, offsetting by funding climate projects, a real-time tracker, and reduction in the carbon footprint.  In addition, the app supports world-class climate projects that offset emissions within an affordable monthly subscription. Users are given a choice to choose among or support all three types of projects including tree-planting, solar power, and social impact projects. Moreover, the real-time tracker displays the impact of your offsets on the ground. Users can then share their achievements on the social platform to inspire their friends. 

Adva - carbon footprint tracking app
Adva – carbon footprint tracking app

5. Adva – carbon footprint tracking app

For those looking for a sustainable lifestyle and carbon tracking app, then Adva is a great pick! Adva reduces and offsets their CO2 emission by regulating tasks that furnish their daily lifestyle and interests through gamification.

Users can register their behavioural insights on the Adva app and gets an estimate of their yearly carbon emissions. It also helps users in keeping track of their progress with regards to electricity, carbon, and water saved – and leads towards the Gold & VERRA certified carbon offsets! 

Adva also offers a personalized carbon reduction plan for its users. Based on the dietary and mobility preferences, the app suggests users in making lifestyle changes toward eco-living. The built-in GPS tracker also allows users to calculate the carbon emissions of their transport activities. Adva allows its users to create their own virtual planet through which they can perform different challenges in various fields such as recycling and energy-saving to earn rewards. Moreover, Adva secures the data of its users as the data is never shared.

6. JouleBug – track carbon footprint app

JouleBug is an award-winning app that encourages people to live greener lives. This app’s main goal is to assist people in living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Users can choose from a variety of options, such as biking to work rather than driving, or carrying a reusable shopping bag to the store. The app assists users in completing various wellness and sustainability-related tasks. Users can participate in challenges and share their goals and progress with other teams to motivate them to be more accountable. JouleBug has developed an Enterprise platform that allows businesses to construct a private social network to help maintain a sustainable environment.

7. Earth Hero – Carbon Footprint & CO2 Tracker

Take a positive practical step towards climate change easily with the help of the Earth Hero app. Users of this app are connected to a global movement escalating to the interrelated emergencies of climate change and rapid species loss. Earth Hero builds a community of people who are actively working to address global warming issues. Users can calculate their carbon footprint and discover amazing ideas for a healthier and greener life. Earth Hero offers around 100 personalized actions under different categories such as travel, food, energy, and advocacy. It helps users to set green goals and share their actions with others. There are a set of simple questions that are needed to be answered by users. After that users are presented with a customized relative emission chart that displays their carbon emissions as compared to other people in the world and their country.

8. Joro – track your carbon footprint app

Joro is an intuitive app that is very useful for tackling climate changes, tracking & reducing carbon footprint, and taking care of carbon emissions, and much more. Joro’s dataset and algorithm calculate the carbon footprint of everything we purchase automatically. For example, if a user spends $30 at the gas pump, then the Carbonizer calculates the price of gas in their area and the carbon intensity of gasoline to estimate their footprint spend. Moreover, users can see their top carbon drivers and their monthly footprint to reduce and offset effectively. The aim of this app is to decarbonize the economy. Users can understand where the emission is coming from and learn the impact of their spending. The guidelines and inspiration provided by Joro play a vital role in the reduction of carbon footprint. Users get rewarded with a lower offset fee when they start building their best climate practices and reducing their carbon footprint. Joro has several different projects that help in achieving a net-zero climate-positive lifestyle. 

9. Pawprint app to track carbon footprint

Tablet with Pawprint’s reporting dashboard on screen
Pawprint –  app to track carbon footprint

The Pawprint is a great carbon tracker that measures the user’s impact with the carbon footprint calculator and then offers tips on how to reduce it. This app leads toward making environmentally friendly choices. The app also provides feedback ideas and thoughts on how to improve sustainability and how to make our planet green and pollution-free. Pawprint can also be used by corporates and offices where the employees and employers can track actions and share them with each other. This app is useful for both personal tracking as well as work action tracking. Users can track habits and also take up challenges. Pawprint also let user create their own group or even join an existing one that tackles different climate change. Furthermore, the collected Pawpoints can be donated to those working on climate projects.

Aerial - carbon tracker app 
Aerial – carbon tracker app 

10. Aerial – carbon tracker app 

The climate enthusiast technologist who wants to find solutions to reduce carbon emissions created this app called Aerial. It’s one of the best sustainable platforms that offer the most accurate and easiest way to calculate carbon footprints.

Aerial isn’t restricted to calculating the carbon footprint of individuals but also allows enterprises, brands, artists, and everyday people to estimate their footprint.

It automatically tracks and offsets the carbon footprint in line with EPA guidelines and the GHG protocol.

Aerial has worked globally with verified environmental companies such as Charm industrial, Burnt mountain forest, Kootznoowoo, etc. to offset carbon emissions. Moreover, users can also compete with friends for the sake of saving the planet by planting trees.  

The 5 Best Apps to Track Your Carbon Footprint

Begin to have a beneficial effect on the environment. Track your carbon footprint and discover how to lessen it with these Android and iOS applications.

  1. Klima
  2. Capture
  3. Earth Hero
  4. Aerial
  5. Joro

Final words 

Carbon footprint tracking apps are great to track, reducing, and offsetting the user’s daily carbon footprint to the lowest possible levels.  Users can deplete their carbon footprint by practising different habits such as eating healthy and vegan food, minimizing the usage of machineries such as cars, bikes, autos, etc. utilizing green energy and smart lighting solutions, and much more. Moreover, these top apps listed above can considerably help users in reducing their daily carbon emissions! 

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