Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Effective These Days?

Online videos are preferred by 6 out of 10 consumers to television. By 2024, online video traffic will account for more than...

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Online videos are preferred by 6 out of 10 consumers to television. By 2024, online video traffic will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. When watching a video, viewers retain 95% of the message, compared to 10% when reading in copy.

The main conclusions?

Whether they are on your website or social media pages, think about including videos in your marketing plan. Simply told, video is huge right now and is one of the main ways businesses interact with both new and recurring clients. The statistics demonstrate how widespread videos are and how effective live-action explainer videos may be for your marketing strategy.

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Detailed Examples of Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a brief, mostly animated movie that walks viewers through a subject or product. It usually lasts 90 seconds and has interesting images and a compelling story to draw viewers in. To persuade potential customers to buy a product or service, explainers frequently outline its characteristics and advantages. An explainer can also be used as a tutorial for using a certain programme or piece of software, teaching people how to use it and all of its features. Additionally, it can give viewers a summary of a brand or company, explaining what it does and why explainer videos are effective. 

An efficient explainer video will deliver its content in a way that is both educational and entertaining. Explainer videos have emerged as one of the most successful marketing techniques available to companies today. Customers can quickly comprehend the product or idea using visuals and audio without needing a lot of explanation or detail.

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Why Explainer Videos Are Effective & So Powerful?

Simply put, explainer videos are the ideal method to convey information to us, the human race. Here are justifications

# Videos Work Better Than Text

According to recent data, video is the most effective way to turn prospects into customers. Consumers can learn more about companies and the goods and services they provide by watching videos. Additionally, videos assist customers in learning more about the advantages of a good or service. Customers retain more knowledge from types of explainer videos than they do from reading text.

What’s more notable is that more than 95% of the consumers surveyed claim to have watched an explainer film to understand more about a good or service. This data shows that people are not just enthusiastic about watching videos, but also actively looking for them. It’s understandable why explainer films are the type of marketing video that is produced the most frequently.

Simply said, consumers choose to watch videos over reading text or watching a handbook. The structure, brief duration, and concise and clear content are far more appealing and efficient. In fact, when surveyed, almost 90% of consumers said they wanted more video content from the companies they choose to patronise.

# Videos are easily shared

Consumers are twice as likely to recommend explainer videos to friends than any other kind of content when they see one they enjoy. Again, this is due to the fact that a video is more likely to be viewed readily than a wordy essay, a perplexing infographic, or a long e-book. A video has a far greater chance of being shared widely than a basic web page, even though there is no certainty that it will “go viral.”

# Explainer videos get to the point quickly

Regardless of how intriguing the content is, animated explainer video examples will inevitably lose viewers as it continues to play. Explainer videos are effective because they are succinct and direct. Consumers of today want information swiftly; they don’t want to waste time reading through online pages or viewing a protracted film in search of the specific piece of knowledge they need. You may swiftly and effectively convey your message to the viewer while making sure they received the most important information by using an explainer video.

# Explainer videos make it easy to describe how a product or service works

Explainer films are perfect for showing how to use a product or highlighting the advantages of a service to a customer. Simple text is frequently not the best medium for directions, and viewers will gain from the visual demonstration provided by videos.

# Videos will improve your conversion rate

Viewers are more likely to make a purchase after watching an explainer video because they are more engaging and provide a solution to an issue. Over 90% of consumers claim that watching a video considerably influences their purchasing decisions, according to numerous sources, including Forbes.

# Explainer videos are cost-effective

Your marketing money doesn’t have to be blown into making an explainer video. With today’s cutting-edge technology, professional-calibre films can be produced for a fair price. A professional video marketing company’s services also give you the peace of mind that your video will accurately represent your business and your message in a refined and excellent way. This is crucial because it will set your business apart from rivals. This is why explainer videos are effective! 

# Explainer videos help you stand out from your competitors

Explainer films are not used by everybody yet! You’ll not only keep a step ahead of your rivals if you already have explainer films on popular video platforms like YouTube, but you’ll also enhance your search engine rankings, making it easier for customers to find you before they find a rival website.

# They improve search engine rankings

Explainer films that concentrate on particular topics, goods, or services can be tagged and titled with keywords to aid in SEO marketing and increase online traffic via various platforms. Due to the fact that Google employs algorithms to determine how long visitors spend on a page of your website, having videos on your website also helps it rank better in search results. Google recognises that your website is more engaging and relevant if visitors are staying longer to view a video, which raises your website’s position in the search results for particular keywords.

# Explainer videos are great for mobile marketing

Mobile shoppers frequently view videos to learn about new products since they enjoy watching videos on their mobile devices. Live-action explainer videos that are easily accessible for the mobile market increase brand exposure and keep you connected to your target audience around the clock.

# Explainer videos are a vital part of the consumer journey

About 80% of marketers who have already included explainer films in their marketing mix report that doing so has improved website traffic, generate more leads, and increased sales. This is due to the fact that types of explainer videos serve the sales funnel considerably more effectively than a marketing mix that only includes text material. Your ROI and conversion rate will be significantly increased by including explanatory videos somewhere in the customer journey.

Harnessing The Power Of Animated Videos For Your Business

Last Words

By utilising their captivating visuals, usefulness, accessibility, and capacity to present company culture, explainer videos are a potent way to strengthen your online presence and engage prospective customers. Additionally, you can strike an emotional chord with your audience, which will enable them to decide for themselves whether or not they want to make a buy from you. With the proper explainer video strategy, you can grow your company to new heights.

It’s time to incorporate explainer films into your marketing strategy now that you are aware of why they are so successful. There are many methods to do this, from using social media and video platforms to adding them to your website and landing pages.

Experts in video marketing will have the experience and knowledge to correctly identify your audience and the channels they are most likely to frequent. They can also take concepts and solutions that are challenging to explain and translate them into a video in a way that is easier for your audience to understand.

Overall, explainer videos can have a significant effect over time if you take the time to create them properly and professionally and share them where they will be most helpful to you.

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