The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Product Research: How to Find Winning Products

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Amazon product research is among the most significant factors of every business on Amazon. You can’t simply sell any specific product on Amazon you like. You need to sell products that most of your potential customers will show interest in buying. The winning products will help you earn money on Amazon.

If you fail to select the right product to sell, scaling your Amazon business is nearly impossible. An Amazon product research tool like Zonbase is the most useful way to discover the winning products to sell on Amazon. So, if you want to create an endurable Amazon business with the most suitable Amazon product research tool, continue reading this post. 

In Amazon’s Database, there are plenty of products available. It’s quite difficult to select the right one from that vast options. Let Zonbase’s ZonResearch be the guide on your Amazon product research journey.

Amazon Product Research

No matter if you are a new product seller on Amazon trying to discover the most important first item or an experienced seller trying to diversify the offerings by casting other products.

With the help of ZonResearch, anyone can research a lot of products from Amazon’s database for winning products. This tool helps you find potential products in a blink of an eye. Let’s find out the detail about Amazon Product Research with ZonResearch here. 

What Is Amazon Product Research?

Amazon product research is the process when Amazon sellers research the product markets that they wish to sell to decide the possibility of building a winning business there. This’s significant because although you think your Amazon product will do great in theory, this may not do as expected in the real world.

So, Amazon product research is certainly the foremost step on your business journey to become a winning Amazon seller. This research is important because it mainly determines if you will succeed or not.

Amazon Product Research - 16 Tips to Discover Your Next Idea

Importance Of Amazon Product Research

There are some different causes why it is necessary to do Amazon product research. These reasons are such as finding the pricing of profitable products, the right niche, etc. 

In case you choose a niche that’s too popular, then you’ll face plenty of competitors on Amazon. But when you pick a niche that is too small, then there may not be sufficient demand for the product.

Amazon Product Research even helps you find a product with the lowest competition yet the highest demand. This’s the perfect situation because you can make more sales as well as generate more income.

It’s significant to know the pricing of a profitable product. Profitable sales require winning listing keywords. When you incorporate your knowledge of search questions with pricing data, you gain an understanding of market demand.

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That’s why it’s so important to do thorough research before launching a product.

How You Can Discover Winning Products

Get the most out of Amazon product research to find winning products with these simple questions. Ask these questions to yourself:

What’s the profit margin you will get?

Customers would preferably try new products for $15-$25 instead of taking a chance on a product at higher prices.

Make sure to leave some room in your estimations so that you can present promotions and discounts on the product for your customers.

What’s your product concept?

Clients want something original and fresh. Ensure your products bring something unique to the market.

What’s your product selling cost?

Amazon generally charges a lot of fees from sellers including FBA shipping, inventory cleanup, storage, etc.

How big is the market demand?

In case other brands are selling a similar product as yours, ensure the demand properly justifies the competition. Keep in mind that seasonal items depend on one small time window to make a profit for the year.

Does the item help you build an endurable brand?

For Amazon’s business success, brand building is a must. Choose products that promote repeat buys and also hype.

What Makes A Product Profitable?

Best Tool For Amazon Product Research - FabOnGo

How to know whether your product is a winning one or not? Here are the things you need to research about a product to decide whether the product has a possibility of selling successfully or not:

Sufficient Demand:

In case there is not sufficient demand for the product, it will not sell on Amazon. So, look for some products that at least have 300 sales each month. Meaning at least 10 sales per day, which is a suitable benchmark.

Low Competition:

An Amazon product that has low competing sellers will be a winning product for you. It is challenging to enter a market that is already saturated heavily with products that are similar to yours.

Thus, in case you notice plenty of listings with products similar to yours and plenty of reviews, then think twice before considering choosing your product to stand out from your competitors.

You need products that not several others sellers are already selling. Thus, it is easier for the listing to come at the top of the Amazon rankings.

Good Profit Margin:

If the product would not earn a profit, it will be beneficial to consider other methods of selling or avenues.

What To Look Out For When Choosing An Amazon Product Research Tool

To be beneficial, products have to meet certain standards. A perfect Amazon product research tool like Zonbase also meets certain criteria. Therefore, when selecting an Amazon product research tool, you need to choose tools that closely pay attention to these things:

  • The research tool understands market demand & competition
  • Automate the product listing procedures for you
  • Allow you to discover the best keyword(s) for all your SEO purposes
  • Estimate sales, providing you with a concept of which product to choose
  • Protect you from hazards such as coupon abuse and product hijackers 

ZonBase considers these aspects. Thus, ZonBase is indeed the best Amazon product research tool out there.

Optimize Product Listings

One thing you must pay close attention to while doing Amazon product research process is what makes the product attractive, beginning with the product listing. To attract potential buyers to pay their hard-earned money for your product, you can do the following:

Look at the competitors’ listings, particularly the prosperous ones to compare their products to yours to decide what is missing in your product.

Here are some common mistakes Amazon sellers make in their listings:

  • Non-descriptive title
  • Inaccurate or unattractive images
  • Leaving decision-altering, important details about your product 
  • Incomplete or vague descriptions as well as product feature pages

Why Choose Zonbase For Amazon Product Research?

Zonbase is an amazing Amazon product research tool that allows you to find winning products to sell on Amazon successfully, estimate sales, spy on your competitors, and discover high-volume terms for search. It has fair pricing and is easy to use. Zonbase helps you by:

Discovering Product Opportunities Within Seconds

You can easily search through a lot of products for possible winning products in Amazon’s database with low competition, high-profit margins, and high demand. It generates succeeding products that meet your standards within seconds.

Customizing Your Search With Effective Filters

No one but you know your business preferences and needs better. Thus, Zonbase allows you to call the shots. Determine your standards for beneficial products with state-of-the-art filters, for example, monthly sales, price, number of reviews, monthly revenue, and so many more.

Saying Goodbye To Guesswork

Get precise results with Zonbase’s advanced algorithm as well as make data-driven, informed decisions that will improve your possibilities of success on Amazon.


Choose the right product research tool like Zonbase today to determine the best product for your business. So, without further delay, contact Zonbase today and earn money on Amazon!

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