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Best 2023 Alternatives to Screenshots & Screen Recording on the Market

Written by Niel Patel · 3 min read >

Looking for the best alternatives to screenshots and screen recording in 2023? You’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll explore the top options that offer innovative ways to capture and share what’s happening on your screen. So, let’s get you started! 

Best Alternatives To Screenshots & Screen Recording

When the traditional way of screenshotting and recording on your phone starts to give you a hard time, you can turn to the alternatives available in the market. Some of the available options are:- 


For avid social media users, screenshotting or saving an Instagram post is a daily hassle. However, we’ve found that is a tool that cuts away all the problems with both quality and quantity. It allows any user to save any post, even if they are logged out. As long as you insert the URL to the site and the post is public, you can save it easily and save time from editing or improving the quality.

As long as you insert the URL to the site and the post is public, you can save it easily and save time from editing or improving the quality. The tool offers you a fast downloading process and works on various devices. With all its qualities, it is ideal for anyone who wants to save Instagram content as it is, without any changes or edits. 

Compatibility:- Android and iOS.

Tools:- Photo downloader, story downloader, reel downloader, and video downloader. 



The second tool that we have for you is Loom. It is a handy tool for quick recording and sharing. It offers straightforward options for recording your screen, your screen with a webcam video, or just your webcam. After recording, your video is uploaded to Loom, where you can do basic editing in your browser or copy the link to share. This speed and ease of use make it one of the best screen recorders for PCs.

It offers you a free version of Loom, where you can store up to 25 videos, each with a five-minute limit. Just not that, Loom offers a free plan for 25 videos of up to five minutes each. Business plans with unlimited uploads start at $12.50 per month per user.

Compatibility:- Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Chrome.

Tools:- Photo downloader and video downloader. 



Snagit helps you capture and edit content easily, with features like taking screenshots, capturing scrolling screens, and adding text, highlights, and more. You can even record your desktop or webcam actions as MP4 files or animated GIFs. The best feature of this tool is its handy OCR function for finding and replacing text in images. Once your work is done, you can send it to various places like Gmail, PowerPoint, Twitter, and Word, or store it in TechSmith’s own Screencast or edit it with Camtasia.

Snagit is very popular, with over 14 million users, and it’s our top choice for screen-capture tools due to its powerful features. If you’re willing to invest in top-notch screenshot capabilities, Snagit is the way to go.

Compatibility:– Mac- and PC-compatible app.

Tools:– Integrated GIF maker, capture screenshots, download videos, and more. 


OBS Studio

OBS Studio is popular among gamers on platforms like Twitch, but you can also use it to record videos. The stand-out feature of the tool is that it offers integration with 80 different platforms, including major ones like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. All you need to do is paste your stream key in the settings, and you can start streaming with a single click on the dashboard. 

Also, unlike many other apps, OBS Studio is not just for basic recording; it’s designed for advanced users. You can add multiple displays and cameras to your recordings. It lets you create custom “studios” with preset audio and video settings that you can switch between during your recording. The best part is that OBS Studio is completely free, making it an excellent choice for advanced screen recording and live streaming.

Compatibility:- Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Tools:- Live streaming and recording videos. 



If you would love to use a versatile tool, Droplr can be the one for you. It offers you a whole lot of features, including screen-capture tools, making tasks like taking screenshots, adding text and emojis, screen recording, and creating animated GIFs a breeze. 

But that’s not it. What sets it apart is the seamless experience it provides. 

With a single account, you can effortlessly sync your files across the browser extension, desktop app, and mobile apps. Droplr’s utility doesn’t stop there; it’s especially advantageous for enterprise teams. It enables you to upload and efficiently organize files in shared cloud storage, making them accessible to your colleagues or even the public. 

Compatibility:- Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Tools:- Easy screen-capture and editing, 4K video screen-recording, Premium enterprise add-ons, Mobile companion apps. 



This tool is for MAC users. It is a simple screen recording tool for Mac. It’s great for making quick recordings without complicated settings or editing. You can start it with a keyboard shortcut or the menu bar icon, choose the screen area, record, and stop when you’re done. 

You can also add voice overs and webcam footage. If you have a paid Zapier account, recordings go to the cloud with a shareable link. Otherwise, you can save them locally. While it lacks extensive options and editing, you can add basic elements during or after recording. Zappy is a straightforward way to share content.

Compatibility:- MAC.

Tools:– Screenshots and video recorder.  



Screencast-O-Matic is a great screen-capture tool that starts with a free version. You can take screenshots and record up to 15 minutes of screen or webcam footage without spending money. But if you want more features, they offer Deluxe. 

Deluxe lets you draw, add speech-to-text captions, record computer audio, use a green-screen effect, and edit videos. It also removes time limits. Premier builds on Deluxe by adding a stock image library, secure data backups, collaboration tools, and an ad-free website. 

Compatibility:- MAC, windows, Chromebook.

Tools:- Screenshot and video recorder.  


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