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Top 20 Custom AI Chatbot Development Companies in USA

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It’s an era of personalization. Every customer is looking for more bespoke services, and businesses have to make it happen.

One of the many elements that aid in building a personalized experience is chatbots. 

Today, every e-commerce business or website has a chatbot to solve custom queries as efficiently as possible. It’s a convenient tool that’s worth investing in.

So, has your business embraced this technology yet? If not, then here are the top 20 custom AI chatbot development companies with the best resources to help you begin. 

Top 20 custom AI chatbot development companies in California

The parameters we consider to list a chatbot company here are as follows:

  • Years of experience
  • Successful projects delivered
  • Tech prowess
  • Cost of services
  • Reviews and feedback of clients

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Established in 2013, Suffescom Solutions Inc. started its journey as one of the top custom AI chatbot development company in California. Its expertise extends across multiple AI technologies, namely, machine learning, business intelligence, computer vision, conversational AI, deep learning, business intelligence, and more. 

Suffescom has successfully developed Conversation AI chatbots that feature NLP capabilities, speech recognition, word segmentation, information retrieval, etc. Its services cover multiple industries like, healthcare, education, finance, retail and eCommerce, and entertainment. 

The company has successfully delivered 180+ projects and worked with clients like Universal, PC Doctor, Unimilk, and Accurate DNA. 

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rates
250 – 9992013USA$25 – $49/hr

2. Rising Max Inc.

Rising Max Inc. is a New York-based company with expertise in innovative AI solutions. As one of the leading custom AI chatbot development companies, its services include GPT development, AI Voice Assistant chatbots, Multilingual chatbots, custom ERP or CMS chatbots, and social media chatbots. Its services cover different business verticals, such as real estate, finance, healthcare, education, logistics, travel, and more. Additionally, it extends its services to businesses of all sizes, starting from startups to enterprises. The company has over 500 clients internationally, including Volkswagen and Wayfair.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rates
10 – 492011USA$25 – $49/hr

3. AI Development Service

Founded in 2018, AI Development Service is a company dedicated to AI development services. Despite being fairly new in the industry, the company works with international clients and can develop multilingual chatbots, voice-enabled chatbots, CMS/CRM Chatbots, and any custom AI-powered chatbot required by businesses. 

As one of the many custom AI chatbot development companies, AI Development Service has delivered services to businesses across multiple niches, namely healthcare, entertainment, e-commerce, travel, retail, logistics, and education. 

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rates
100+2018California, USA$50 – $99 / hour

4. Exometrics

Exometrics is an award-winning AI consulting company that was founded in 2016. This company specializes in machine learning and modern data analytics for solving difficult problems. Their data science consultants have the potential to adopt the power of AI to create fantastic business opportunities. 

Their skilled development team has successfully delivered top-level results by reducing shortcomings. This is one of the best custom AI chatbot development companies, as they are experts in developing customized business intelligence (BI) dashboards. The company utilizes dynamic APIs to integrate the current apps into already existing software.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
10-492016London, United Kingdom$100 – $149 / hour

5. Software Mind

Established in 1999, this is considered among the top custom AI chatbot development companies. Its head office is in Poland, and its research and development centres are in South America and Central Europe. They are known for delivering cross-functional platforms by undergoing a full software development cycle. 

They are a team of 1100+ employees with around 11 R&D labs globally. This AI company has developed platforms and offered AI development services to its clientele. The company has specialization in amplifying IT development services by building contemporary solutions from scratch. 

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
1,000 – 9,9991999Kraków, Poland$50 – $99 / h

6. Yellow

Yellow is an impeccable AI  development company based in San Francisco, California (USA). They have been in the business for over 6 years and have been acknowledged as Clutch’s Top 1000 Global Service Provider. This company is enlisted among the leading custom AI chatbot development companies. They are firm believers in the lean methodology by carefully using the resources without spending much on the initial version of the product.

Their development team helps their clients through every stage of the development process, right from ideation to post-maintenance. Their core competencies are Chatbot Development., Mobile App Development, Web Development, and AI/ML. This company has helped various startups in developing truly scalable and future-oriented software.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
50 – 2492015San Francisco, CA$50 – $99 / hr

7. Zfort Group

Zfort Group is one of the prominent custom AI chatbot development companies globally. This company provides full IT services to clients in building personalized AI software products. They have a committed team that works consistently towards solving real issues. This company has over 18 dedicated teams that work for the top brands worldwide.

Apart from developing AI chatbots, it provides services in NFT, blockchain, web design, IT consulting, custom development, Magento development, MVP development services, PoC, and DevOps services to its customers. The company has completed around 1500+ projects and has served around 250+ clients till now.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
250 – 9992000Kharkiv, Ukraine$50 – $99 / hr


This company is counted among the best custom AI chatbot development companies globally. They started their journey in the IT industry in 2015, and in this short span of 7 years, they have touched heights of success. This company caters to various industries like legal & law firms, software&SaaS, e-commerce, healthcare, entertainment, finance, education, and more.

This company is known for providing unique AI solutions to their customers by building intuitive AI dashboards by implementing advanced  AI/ML technology. They offer round-the-clock services by offering 24/7 handling of calls and chats. They have got phenomenal ratings from reputed sites like Clutch and Goodfirms. 

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
250 – 9992015Los Altos, CA$50 – $99 / hr

9. Sotatek JSC

The next on the list is the Sotatek JSC, one of the leading custom AI chatbot development companies. They also provide the solutions for blockchain and AI/ML services. They have 12 offices globally, including countries like Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc. 

Apart from the AI chatbot development, they also hold expertise in web/mobile apps, cloud-based solutions, NFT marketplace, DEX, CEX, smart contract development, etc.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
250 – 9992015Vietnam $25 – $49 / hr

10. Trigma

Trigma is also considered among the top custom AI chatbot development companies. They are an award Award-winning Software Development Company that provides services in AI/ML, cloud, flutter, mobile app development, custom software services, .NET core services, IoT, content management systems, and more.

Their clients encompass Startups, Fortune 500 Enterprises,  Small Businesses, and Government Agencies. They have helped various companies amplify their digitalization journey. They are globally recognized for their amazing software and AI development work.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
50 – 2492009Las Vegas, NV < $25 / hr

11. Maruti Techlabs

Maruti Techlabs has over 13 years of experience in building AI-powered products for its international clientele. Its technical expertise includes machine learning, robotic process automation, DevOps, MVP development, computer vision, and chatbot development. It has been recognized as one of the Top B2B IT companies by Clutch and one of the most reviewed AI partners by The Manifest. 

From automotive and real estate to information technology, Maruti Techlabs’ industry focus spread to multiple industries. Some of its noteworthy clients include Domino Printing, REMAX, Symphony Limited, Contently, Zuru Toys, Smart AI, and SageData.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
50-2492009Ahmedabad, India$25 – $49 / hour

12. Light IT Global

Light IT Global has over 14 years of experience in building custom solutions for its clients across the globe. The company provides digital solutions to startups and enterprises. So far, the company has delivered more than 500 custom solutions to its clients. Light IT Global’s portfolio as a leading custom AI chatbot development company includes projects in various technologies like machine learning, deep learning, business intelligence, and AI. 

Its list of well-known clients include Gaming Engage, CarLend Deals, and Tapway. Besides its headquarters in Ukraine, the company has offices in the UK and USA.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
50-2492006Kyiv, Ukrain$25 – $49 / hour

13. JetRockets

JetRockerts presents itself as one of the leading custom AI chatbot development companies with superior skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. It has been recognized as the top women owned machine learning company by Clutch. The company deals with businesses of all scales, including startups, mid-scale, and enterprises. 

Its key clients are eBay,, Safari Portal, Pano Med, Bastion Technologies, IDG, Leaderboard Golf, and EventSpace. The company has two office locations. One in Brooklyn and the other in Georgia.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
10 – 492012New York, USA$50 – $99 / hour

14. Matellio

They have a long decade of experience in custom AI chatbot development. They are serving clients of each business size with complete dedication and at cost-effective development rates. They hold an experienced team of developers and designers with proficient development skills. 

Apart from the custom AI chatbot development, they also provide services like Web application development, mobile application development, GIS application development, enterprise application development and management, IoT solutions, cloud implementation, engineering skills set augmentation, startup, and incubation support. They provide a complete solution for their clients with 100% accuracy and transparency at affordable AI chatbot development costs.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
10-492014Colorado, USA$25 – $49 / hr

15. Deeper Insights

Another name worth mentioning on the top custom AI chatbot development companies is Deeper Insights. They simplify the work of sectors like Healthcare, Financial Services, Environment, Education, Government, and Real Estate to unlock opportunities. 

They make sure to deliver the best possible chatbot to their clients with advanced features and accurate solutions. They provide solutions with bespoke algorithms and machine learning models for their valuable clients using their datasets.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
10 – 492014Oxford Street, London$50 – $99 / hour

16. ThirdEye Data

Now the next on the list of the leading custom AI chatbot development companies ThirdEye Data, is one of the important names that we could not miss. It is a silicon valley based 360-degree solution provider for AI and big data technologies. They provide excellent solutions like including data science, data engineering, and data analytic services, etc.

They have also provided peer-to-peer solutions to Fortune 500 companies with excellent features and workflow. They have served the industries like IT, retail, energy, marketing and advertising, oil & natural gas, government, and pharmaceutical.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
100+2010California, USA$25 – $49 / hr

17. We Are The Robots Inc.

With professional teams of engineers, designers, debuggers, and innovators, the company was raised in 2015. We Are The Robots company is known for delivering outstanding results. The primary focus of this company is to deliver the best possible UI & UX creations. It provides modern technology stacks to avoid lags and high performance.

This AI development company provides modern technology stacks like single-page UI with highly interactive content management systems.They provide services in AI & Robots, Custom Web & App Development., Digital Marketing, Smart Sensors and Big data analytics.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
11-502015New York, USA$100 – $149 / hr

18. Achievion Solutions

This company is escalating its business by combining AI and mobile development altogether. It is recognized as the best among the custom AI chatbot development companies worldwide. This design-based company has delivered essential projects in the health, education, technology, and social media sectors. 

Achievion Solutions provides easy access and understandable UI development to its clients. They specialize in AI product development, strategy consulting, and enablement with dynamic AI-powered solutions. Moreover, they provide mobile, web, and enterprise solutions to their clients.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
10 – 492013McLean, Virginia$50 – $99 / hr

19. MobiDev

MobiDev is a renowned company that specializes in complex AI building and programming. The AI company delivers web and app development powered by AI & ML. MobiDev is prominent in their work ethics as they build things from scratch and apply full focus and strength. They dig deeper inside their given task and always come up with great and creative ideas.

MobiDev is counted among the top-tier custom AI chatbot development companies that work  ahead to shape the future of AI to provide a new outlook to the world through its creation. This is an award-winning software company that delivers AI-powered Web /Mobile apps from scratch.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
250 – 9992009Norcross, GA$50 – $99 / hr

20. Intermedia

Intermedia is an advanced software development company. They are known for deep analysis of their assignment and deliver beyond the expectation of their clients. Intermedia always focuses on adopting new technology and implementing it into their production build-ups. They research according to modern technology trends and always try to bring changes in life with the power of AI-powered software. 

Founded in 2012, they provide services in both Native and Hybrid mobile app development,

Back-end development, Networking & Management, Advance AI development, UI & UX design

and Robotic solutions.

ManpowerEstdLocationHourly Rate
10 – 492012Tandil, Argentina$25 – $49 / hr


AI chatbots are quickly becoming a necessity for every business niche as it’s a great way to stay relevant in this digital age. With so many companies to choose from, it’s important to pick one that fits your specific needs and budget. Upon proper research by our team, we have compiled this list of custom AI chatbot development companies that will help you make an informed decision while selecting the company that suits your business goals.

How much does it cost to develop chatbot in California?

The average cost to develop a chatbot in USA is $40000.

What are the technologies used in Chabot development?

The major technologies to develop chatbots are NLP, ML, AI and few chatbots-building frameworks and tools.

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