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Academic Integrity vs. Practical Assistance

The internet has proven to be a revolutionary force in providing quick and convenient access to services of all kinds, and one...

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The internet has proven to be a revolutionary force in providing quick and convenient access to services of all kinds, and one of the most popular of these services is online essay writing services. These services provide students with access to professional writers who can help them develop their critical thinking skills by creating original essays and papers on any subject for a fee. By utilizing these services, students can benefit from easier access to expert assistance and more affordable services. Still, they also need to consider potential risks such as academic integrity concerns and quality issues.

Pros of Online Essay Writing Services

Easier Access to Expert Assistance

The first and most evident advantage of online essay writing services is that students have simpler access to experienced aid. For a fair cost, experienced writers are accessible to give professional and thorough services on a wide range of themes. Students may get assistance with college essays and other tasks, as well as proofreading and editing, formatting and layout, brainstorming and outlining, rewriting and review services. Students may benefit from professional assistance regardless of the complexity or difficulty of their project by using these services, which can be simply accessible from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

More Affordable Services

Another major benefit of online essay writing services is that they are often more affordable than traditional services. Many services offer flexible payment plans, allowing students to pay a fraction of the total cost upfront and then pay the rest in installments. In addition, many services offer discounts for new customers or bulk orders, which can further reduce the cost.

Cons of Online Essay Writing Services

Academic Integrity Concerns

One of the main drawbacks of online essay writing services is the potential for academic integrity concerns. The main concern is plagiarism, which is when someone presents another’s work as their own. This is a serious issue in academia, and it can have severe consequences for students.

Another concern is authorship and originality, as it’s not always clear who is responsible for the work when a professional service writes an essay. This can lead to misattributions of work or lack of attribution, which can have serious consequences for the student.


Concerns about the caliber of the work produced by online essay writing services are also possible. There are many skilled and knowledgeable writers out there, including those provided by A*help, but some lack such qualifications. The editor and reviewer Nayeli Ellen cautions against utilizing such services since it may result in subpar essays that fall short of the student’s expectations. The possibility of such consequences makes it so crucial for students to investigate and evaluate the services they are considering employing, looking at the caliber of the work the service has previously provided.

Academic Integrity vs. Practical Assistance

There is often a clash between academic integrity and practical assistance in educational settings. Let’s delve into each concept and consider the possible tensions that may arise between them.

Academic integrity is about the ethical principles and values guiding academic work. The concept encompasses the values of honesty, trust, and fairness when it comes to seeking and sharing knowledge. Maintaining academic integrity involves embracing the values of originality and independent thought, giving credit to others by citing and referencing their work appropriately, and following the rules and guidelines established by educational institutions.

On the other hand, practical assistance refers to any kind of support or help that assists students in reaching their academic goals. One way to approach this is by reaching out to professors, tutors, or classmates for guidance. Additionally, utilizing online resources can be helpful in finding the information needed. Another option is to seek external assistance through services such as editing or proofreading. Getting practical assistance can really help in making concepts clearer, improving writing skills, and enhancing understanding of complex topics.

When considering academic integrity and practical assistance, it’s important to acknowledge that conflicts may arise when the distinction between acceptable assistance and academic dishonesty becomes unclear. There are several situations in which tensions can arise.

Plagiarism is a major obstacle to maintaining academic integrity. It occurs when someone presents another person’s work or ideas as their own, without giving proper credit. It is perfectly fine to ask for practical help, like getting assistance with writing or research. However, it is important to ensure that you maintain academic integrity by properly citing any sources you use.

Cheating during exams is when someone seeks practical assistance, like using unauthorized materials or getting answers from others, which goes against the principles of academic integrity. The evaluation process becomes unfair and the achievements of honest students lose their value.

Collaboration boundaries are an important aspect of the learning process. While collaboration is valuable, adhering to the boundaries set by instructors or institutions is crucial. Collaborative assignments or group projects are highly encouraged, but it’s important for students to make sure they contribute their fair share and avoid relying too heavily on the work of others.

Finding a balance between maintaining academic integrity and providing practical assistance necessitates a thorough comprehension of the expectations established by educational institutions and instructors. Seeking assistance is an important aspect of being a student. However, it is equally important to take ownership of one’s learning and ensure that any help received is in line with the principles of academic integrity.

Educational institutions have an important role in promoting a healthy balance by establishing clear guidelines and expectations regarding academic integrity. They can also provide valuable resources to support students academically and create an environment that values honesty and integrity. Institutions can be crucial in guiding students to effectively balance academic assistance and academic dishonesty by highlighting the significance of independent thinking, critical analysis, and proper citation practices.


Online essay writing services can be a great source of assistance for students, but there are also potential risks associated with these services. The pros include easier access to expert assistance and more affordable services, while the cons include academic integrity concerns and potential quality issues. Before engaging the services of a professional online essay writer, students should consider the reputation of the writing service, the quality of the finished product, the costs of services, and the academic integrity of the work.

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