6 Great Apps & Mobile Friendly Sites That Aussies Can’t Do Without

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Apps & Mobile Friendly Sites

Where would we be without our smartphones? That’s actually quite a serious question, due to how much we now rely on the convenience and usefulness of our mobile devices. It used to be that before heading out, most Aussies would make sure keys and wallets were in their pockets, but now the mobile is the one item that people must never forget.

Thanks to exceptional 4G coverage across the whole country, plus with 5G already now available in urban areas and quickly being rolled out elsewhere, the speed and quality of connectivity is improving all the time. And this only adds to the convenience or even sense of need for handheld mobile devices, making them such useful tools in our everyday lives.

These apps and mobile friendly sites are just six that Australians find really handy, covering quite a broad range of common needs and wants, making them really handy to have available to our smartphones and tablets.

Never Struggle with Languages Again

Did you know that 30% of the resident Australian population was born overseas? That’s around 8 million people out of the 26.5 million total in 2023, which means that beyond English being the national language, there’s a good chance of bumping into someone that speaks an entirely different lingo. So, unless you also happen to know their language, communicating might be tricky.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of people speak Mandarin or Cantonese, Arabic or Vietnamese, Punjabi or Hindi, Greek or Italian, and many more. Thankfully, the Google Translate app or website can rapidly translate over 100 languages instantly, which means you never have to be at a loss for words, making it really useful for Aussies who enjoy chatting with people they meet.

Mobile Casinos and Good Advice

Surveys have indicated that in 2023, roughly 75% of the adult population in Australia enjoy wagering. But how many of that percentage are well informed about their favourite pastime? Although we don’t have the answer to that question, there’s one valuable source of information that has proven really helpful for people Down Under.

Gamble Online Australia provides in-depth guides and advice, including one that focuses on apps for casino games with impartial expert reviews. This covers tips about choosing where to play, whether using an app or mobile friendly site is better, plus details about the variety of games available. They even highlight the names of software providers and game developers to look out for, along with apps and sites to avoid.

Eating and Drinking Out

Now if there’s one thing Aussies love it’s enjoying their food and drink. And if there’s one thing they will cherish even more, it’s finding the best value they can at local eateries and watering holes. Whether it’s downing schooners of the amber fluid or sipping creatively named cocktails with friends, then filling their bellies with tasty dishes, doing so without draining your wallet or purse is always good.

That’s what makes The Happiest Hour app very useful, and as the name would imply, this is all about finding really good value at great locations. In fact, the designers claim their mission is to support great local venues, empowering people to eat and drink more. The app helps people find the specials they crave, lists top events, even bars or clubs where there’s trivia nights or other entertainment. 

The Sky is the Limit

Australia is a great place to visit but it’s also a long way away from lots of other places. This inevitably means that when it comes to getting there, flying is the only practical option available, unless of course you plan to travel by boat. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people tend to arrive by plane, and given the sheer size of this country, nipping from Sydney to Perth or Darwin to Melbourne is obviously a lot quicker travelling by air.

That’s one of the main reasons why the Skyscanner app is popular, allowing people to find and purchase the most suitable flight options to suit their needs. Users can search flights in order of cost, by how many stopovers are involved, and practically anything from whether there’s in-flight meals or knowing the luggage allowances. It’s also handy for internal flights, as they do tend to be pricey in Australia, so quickly comparing prices is always a bonus.

Handheld Online Shopping Spree

Australia Post recently published a statistical report, highlighting that 82% of the population made at least one online purchase in 2023, while more than 5.5 million households typically bought goods from online stores at least once each month. That’s a huge number of boxes and packages being delivered by Aussie posties and parcel companies, but it also speaks volumes about the convenience of shopping online.

Quite surprisingly, famous brands like Amazon or Ebay don’t currently top online shopping app download charts. According to SimilarWeb stats for November 2023, the Temu online store app is the most downloaded free mobile app in Australia via Google Play. Aussies clearly like a bargain, and while Amazon tends to be somewhat more reliable, Temu has gained a reputation for offering some of the cheapest prices for comparable products.

Keeping in Touch with Top Sports

Australians are highly active and competitive people, which is perhaps why they’re also fanatical about sports, whether it’s participating in physical activities themselves or watching and following major sporting events. They also enjoy wagering on sports and betting apps are some of the most downloaded, but aside from that, getting the latest news and video feeds now far more convenient via mobile devices.

Since being launched in 2016 and after outbidding Foxtel for broadcast rights, Optus Sport is now the biggest network for sporting events coverage in Australia. It’s available for streaming on TV, via web browsers on Windows and macOS operating systems, and via apps for compatible smartphones and tables, including Android and iOS devices. This means that Aussies can get news updates and watch live streams, all from their phones.

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